Kamala’s CRUEL Decision in the Wake of Tragedy, That Will Leave You Speechless

The tragic Christian school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee has left six people dead, including three children. The community is still grieving, but Vice President Kamala Harris, who was in town, failed to show her support.

Instead, Harris prioritized her political agenda and met with two Democratic lawmakers who were expelled for holding an unlawful protest inside the state capital. She also used the opportunity to push for gun control, but she failed to address the real issue at hand: the tragic loss of six lives.

Harris’ decision to prioritize politics over people has left many outraged. Oli London, a former transgender activist, tweeted, “Kamala Harris will be visiting Nashville today to push for gun control & meet with 2 democratic lawmakers who were expelled…She will not be visiting the families of the Nashville shootings.”

Even political commentator Dom Lucre, who is black himself, expressed his disappointment. “Kamala Harris chose to come to Nashville after we expelled race baiters and one of them assaulted a congressman. She chose to come for them but not for the children that were murdered by a transsexual for attending a Christian school. Fake blacks care about narratives not people,” he said.

Harris’ failure to show her support for the Nashville shooting victims is not only insensitive but also sends a message that politics is more important than people. It is unacceptable for the Vice President of the United States to prioritize her political agenda over the lives lost in a tragedy.

Moreover, her speech blaming the Covenant School shooting on “gun violence” was ill-informed. The attack was a targeted hate crime by a violent trans person against the Christian community and was not a random act of gun violence.

Harris’ visit to Nashville was a missed opportunity to show leadership and compassion. The families of the victims deserved better, and the community deserved to see that their leaders care about their well-being.

In the aftermath of such a tragedy, it is crucial for leaders to provide support and comfort to the community. Harris’ failure to do so is a clear indication that she is more concerned with pushing her political agenda than with the lives lost in the shooting.

In conclusion, Kamala Harris’ decision to prioritize politics over people is unacceptable. Her failure to show her support for the Nashville shooting victims and the community is disappointing and insensitive. The Vice President of the United States must prioritize the lives lost in a tragedy, not her political agenda.

Source https://conservativebrief.com/tn-72355/