One of the most “delicious” (if you’ll excuse the pun) things to see is when you get to watch a group of self-righteous, better-than-thou people turn on each other and eat their own (metaphorically. No one really wants to see another Donner pass incident.).

Of course, from my point of view, the very best situation is when leftists are the group eating their own. When they turn their condescension on each other and seek to cancel each other out, I just want to grab some popcorn and watch.

And guess who today’s exhibit is for the “Watch Them Eat Their Own” game. That’s right, it’s our very own Vice President, Kamala Harris! Joel Abbott gives us the thumbnail sketch of the situation:

The Woke Monster comes for all, and it’s coming for Kamala Harris sooner rather than later.

On Tuesday night, the VP held a bipartisan dinner for female senators, which aside from the general political grandstanding, seemed like a nice gesture.

CNN wasted no time offering Kamala glowing praise, quickly fangirling with thinly-veiled enthusiasm:

Here’s where the fun begins, though. Abbott continues:

Outside the praise from the mainstream media and white suburban moms, the faithful devotees of Wokeism had serious problems with the event:

That’s right, this person called out Harris for hosting a dinner which was overwhelmingly made up of white guests, and the servants were black!


It gets better. Another person calls out Harris for living in opulence while Americans struggle financially:

Still other people called out Harris for now identifying as Asian instead of black, and they asked where the African-American folks are who said to vote for her because she’s black. It’s a great question. Where are they?

Then, there is this gem:

It’s beautiful to see folks go after Kamala Harris for her hypocrisy and unbridled power lust and greed. I just wish that these people had paid attention to the signs of it that were already there before she and Biden got into the White House.

One thing’s for sure, stupid stunts like this won’t help Democrats to keep control of Congress in 2022.



  1. You mean the servants weren’t given Junetheenth off? They looked Bi Partisan or was that Bi sexual. Either way that group has more money than the homeless people of California, you think they might build them a cardboard house or something, maybe ship the leftovers of that probably 10,000 meal to them to eat.

  2. AMAZING!!!
    They asked the servants to not be in the pictures?
    Why would the Conservative women be there? That Alaskan witch is right where she is to be! But the others?
    This is so deplorable!
    What did this cost the taxpayer? Who paid for the Gold China? And the Gold Ware? or was it Vermeil?
    No curtains on the windows! After all this time not spent at the border to prepare the Naval Observatory to be her house, she still has no window coverings?
    Damn, she is so effing lazy!

    • Steph – the one from Alaska is not even close to being a “conservative’ of any shape, sort or description. The appellation you applied to her IS in line with my first impression – looked more like a coven to me than anything else. Just my opinion of course……………..

  3. What a disgrace to America! Well you fool who believe her on the campaign trail or her words “SHE BLACK” got punch in the face! Learn not to believe any POLITICAN WHO TRYING TO GET A LIFETIME SALARY!

  4. My daddy told me, “You become known by the people you hang around with”…..
    I never hung around with rich people, so, how do they know what my needs and wants are?
    All they know is what their needs and wants are, and they are far from mine,
    and all they know is self and greed.. With no concern of mine.


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