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She came out just to say this…

Kamala Harris’ niece Meena Harris recently went onto social media and decided to urge “people who defend women and LGBT rights to support Palestinians and their Hamas terrorist organization as it tries to obliterate Israel.”

She seems to have forgotten that the people she wants to support “criminalize homosexuality and punishes it with up to ten years behind bars.” So it seems like she’s also a hypocrite.

Read the full story here.

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  1. The crazy young female communist needs to do a little research before she makes public comments about international matters. The Hamas fired over 700 rockets into Israel populated areas before Israel activated their defense. Hamas continued to fire their rockets (provided by Iran) using civilian locations to launch them Hamas put their own people in life threatening conditions by using the civilians as human shields. The Arab folk should blame Hamas for initiating this warlike activity and take action to sto0p Hamas from provoking a war with Israel. Because of what Hamas does consistently, after peaceful activity exists, naturally causes most of the Jews in Israel to have their IDF obliterate the Palestine and Gaza areas. The Hamas, who are are simply the war mongers of the Palestinian citizens, have brought this military action by Israel. Sensible people do not blame Israel for defending their country. Get rid of the Hamas and there would be peace. Let Hamas continue to run wild, and suffer the consequences. Simple as that!


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