Kamala Harris’ Controversial PEP TALK, It Will Leave You Unimpressed

Hey there, fellow high schoolers! Let’s talk about what happened when Vice President Kamala Harris showed up at the NCAA men’s basketball game between her alma mater, Howard University, and defending national champion Kansas.

The crowd wasn’t too pleased to see her, and the boos were way louder than the cheers. Ouch, talk about a frosty welcome! After the game, Harris tried to lift the spirits of the Howard University team (a.k.a. the Bison) with a pep talk in their locker room.

But her words didn’t really hit the mark, and social media wasn’t too kind about it either. Looks like the vice president’s attempt to inspire the players didn’t quite work out as planned.

Now, you might wonder why this matters. Well, it shows that the Biden-Harris administration isn’t exactly winning the popularity contest right now.

With all the challenges our country is facing, we need leaders who can truly connect with the people and, you know, actually make things better.

It’s a bummer that Howard University’s achievements got overshadowed by all the drama.

Their coach, Kenneth Blakeney, led the team to a 22-12 record this season – a big improvement from their four wins just three years ago. That’s pretty awesome, right?

So, what can we learn from this? The Biden-Harris administration needs to step up its game and focus on what really matters – rebuilding trust with the American people and putting our country first.

Otherwise, they’ll keep getting booed off the court, and nobody wants that.

Source https://www.foxnews.com/sports/harris-hears-boos-march-madness-game-faces-ridicule-for-speech-howard-players-loss