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What are the Democrats THINKING?

Massively popular podcaster, Joe Rogan, recent broke down a clip of 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden and admitted that sad truth Democrats can’t wrap their head around.

Biden CANNOT be president.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Rogan said, “Stop. Pause. You can’t be president. Stop. Pause. Pause. Listen. We can’t play any games here folks. This is a really old man who can’t talk. This is not a joke. Like, play that again… This should get you into a mental hospital.”


You can read the full details of this story here.



  1. Of course Biden can be President… look to Obama and no further, it is evident. Dem modeling hasn’t changed has it? Unqualified get elected as a standard as to governance from the Dem party, no policy is required, and any policy is accepted, no one is ever told the truth as to what policies will result when they are elected in any truthful manner and Crony Corrupted Dems don’t need success of the Nation as a policy.
    Biden can be elected, he simply won’t be making policy… essentially, whatever happens… happens as to his influence on policy- he will lead from behind as Obama did, he will use the Exec branch in any illegal manner then hope for Liberal Jurisprudence to support it or at least to get out of the way of implementations done illegally.
    ‘Exposed’ is like saying a tree falling in the forest…’ Biden will have very few medias hearing the fall of a Biden in the forest, they don’t want to hear the fall, they will tell you the tree/Biden didn’t fall, ‘only media representation determines’ if there was a sound in the forest/proof of a fall in the forest.
    Certainly America has zero need for what 35+ years ago President Reagan described as the biggest Demagogue ever in American politics/Joe Biden… the ‘never had a foreign policy correct’ blabbermouth, but that is far from ‘Cannot be President’ Dems will accept bag of rocks as President.


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