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The level of betrayal is unspeakable.

Democrats are beyond unhinged at the fact that President Donald Trump is the leader of the United States.

They have done everything in their power to sow discord and anger and resentment among the American people.

They pit rich versus poor, black versus white, male versus female, straight versus LGBT and they have done that for decades.

But since the election of President Trump they have increased the us versus them rhetoric to the point where it has become dangerous.

They have gone so far as to fake hate crimes like the Covtington Catholic High School scandal and the Jussie Smollett hoax.

And it is in an effort to trigger people to fight for them at the polls and in the streets.

Now a former aide to former President Obama has admitted that the end game for him is a Civil War.

Joshua Geltzer, who served in various roles in Obama’s administration, wrote in an op ed for CNN where he would want a military option.

Our civilian and uniformed Defense Department leaders have a role to play. The health of our democracy rests, in part, on not involving the military in transfers of power. And that should continue.

But imagine the most extreme scenario, with Congress certifying Trump’s defeat but Trump refusing to leave office. In those circumstances, the military would no longer owe its loyalty to Donald Trump as of noon on January 20, 2021.

And it’s worth asking the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as they testify before Congress in coming months, to affirm that they understand that and would act consistently with it.

The op ed was titled “What if Trump refuses to accept defeat in 2020?” which is ironic considering that Democrats have still not accepted defeat from 2016.

He was joined by MSNBC analyst Laurence Tribe who gave credence to the insane idea of having the military intervene.

“It’s not too soon to start thinking about the unthinkable: What if Trump refuses to leave peacefully when he loses in 2020 or is removed by the Senate sooner? @jgeltzer offers four sensible steps we can take NOW to minimize this existential threat,” he said.

The insanity of these people, to call for military intervention two years before an election they do not look like they are going to win.




  1. The Democratic Party has completely lost their minds. What are they even thinking about if he doesn’t leave office if he fails to Win. He would be classy in leaving. He would not exhibit the biased behavior of a failed Obama and the rest of his cronies. The democrats can’t really stand the truth and the two morons in the house and senate should step out and let the majority of the sane democrats get on with making our country the best it can be. And I have a wall around my property. Wayne c ives

  2. It looks to me like they are planning a revolution! The key in my opinion is not the generals but will the troops fight against the American people?
    If Donald Trump were to legally lose the election I believe he would step down but I believe the Democrats/communist are planning to play dirty as I think they did in these recent elections their biggest problem is that even the traitor Obama and the rest of have not been able to start a civil war and they have been trying for years and years. They want America to be enslaved and I guess it could happen!

  3. How in the world do these people get & keep the jobs they have. What a bunch of YAHOO’S. I only have an 8thgrade education plus GED with high scores & I am more level headed than most of the people in Congress.

  4. Let them do it, we will be wlll prepared… we have known one was coming for quite awhile, they just don’t know how many there r of yes. Let em bring it on

    • I don’t know what the Swamp is planning , But real American Patriots are ready for Civil War and have been ready since 2008, so bring it, our Amy consists of approximately 70 million gun gun owners, Vets, Military, blue collar workers, farmers and women!!! MOLON LABE Liberals

      • Hey scumbag libtard Ross Poling —
        Let me know when you do so I can piss all over you to help you wash the shit off your face!!

      • Apparently you are suffering from the defeat of “Bonnie Parker” Clinton (serial crook, serial liar, serial traitor, partner to “Clyde Barrow” – Bubba – Clinton also crook, liar traitor, and sex predator). Both need to be buried with a stake in their black hearts when their time comes (hopefully soon)! After King Barrack the Worst we need someone like Trump that focuses on the US and its citizens and not the internationalists, open borders, “progressive” agenda to feed their ego power trips and feathering their financial nest via said power trips.

      • Apparently you are suffering from the defeat of “Bonnie Parker” Clinton (serial crook, serial liar, serial traitor, partner to “Clyde Barrow” – Bubba – Clinton also crook, liar traitor, and sex predator). Both need to be buried with a stake in their black hearts when their time comes (hopefully soon)! After King Barrack the Worst we need someone like Trump that focuses on the US and its citizens and not the internationalists, open borders, “progressive” agenda to feed their ego power trips and feathering their financial nest via said power trips.

  5. Realistically we should be looking at voting regulations, laws, administration personal, voter roles and every aspect involved in the 2020 election process. The Democrats are going to do anything they can to STEAL this election from the American people. Let’s get prepared early to eliminate voter fraud and the possibility of the Democrats stealing our great nation.

  6. This is ludicrous if the Democrats go that far to form a coup they should be held for treason.if there’s any thought of tampering with the election by inciting riots and attacking people at the polls there are no better than the Browns shirts. What I’m seeing now from the left is anarchy that’s why we have laws in the rule of law

  7. They may well get their civil war. They’ve tried everything short of all out war, yet Trump remains President and enjoys 52% approval according to the latest Rasmussen poll. It is difficult to understand hatred for the man who has done so much for the economy and employment numbers. They hate Trump more than love of country. The howls of anguish will resound all across the fruited plain when once again, President Trump wins in 2020.

  8. Why are they saying “When he loses in 2020”??? Are they so sure they have everything FIXED that he will lose??? I’m sure they will cheat in every way they possibly can!!! I would NOT count on him losing in 2020!!! We elected him once and whose to say we can’t do it again especially as CRAZY as the Democrats have acted for EVERYONE to see!!! The Dems have lost their frigging minds!!!

  9. Liberal scum, it behooves you to stop that, right there. There are a lot of conservatives in this country that think civil war with you is the only answer.
    You can believe that when it starts , it is over for you.

    • We, each individual citizen of America, are the government. The 2 billion rounds of ammo belongs to us. All government buildings belong to U.S. citizens. We are the government. The people we elect are stewards, elected to watch over our assets. If they do not do their jobs lets fire them. Your Fired! Vote these commies out of office. If they turn against the citizens then we invoke the 2nd amendment and do what the founding fathers intend us to do. We take back our country.

  10. I say to the Frigging Liberal Democrats … “”Bring It”” you ignorant POS … we Gun Owners – of the NRA, will cut you down like the POS you are ….. anytime, anyplace and anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I for “ONE” is ready for your stupid POS Ass’s to come forward with some of your shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m for a Revolution ………………………………….PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Trump will not be removed and he will not lose the 2020 election, BUT, if
    the FN democrats want a civil war they will get one, and they will lose. The military will not intervein by order of President Trump, and the swamp will cease to exist….. And the trees in D.C. will have the proof.

  12. The lunacy of the left continues to spew out of these self righteous imbeciles. The lame street press has done more to divide this country than Obama ever did, and he announced that fact just before he was inaugurated.

  13. Does anyone ever ask the question of why our so called elected congress refuses to work with President Trump? We spend over 6 Billion dollars a week on interest on the Debt, but refuse to give the President $5.7 billion to protect our citizens from illegals, drug trafficking and human trafficking, murder, rapes, and assault on American citizens. Our congress and past Presidents approved NAFTA and other stupid trade deals while selling out our manufacturing base for cheaper labor. America is a great nation, but has been sold out by the very people who took an oath to up hold our constitution. Our President is fighting to keep America a sovereign nation while the Globalist are taking down our country via open borders, free stuff to all while they stuff their pockets from the backs of hard working citizens.
    Our President is trying to save our country while the Globalist feed us lies and fake news daily, pit one group against another and create as much chaos as possible. America is a great place or was. It is our choice as citizens to keep our freedom or succumb to socialism/Marxist/communism. Don’t be fooled by the lies, propaganda from MSN.
    President Trump has done more in two years to expose the lies of the corrupt republican/democratic party’s. Support President Trump as he is our country’s last hope for liberty, independence and freedom!!!

    • Why? It should be no secret by now! The democrats WANT OPEN BORDERS to bring in as many illegal aliens as possible and use them for vote fraud, illegally register them as voters, or in states without voter ID use them to vote illegally for dead people still registered and for those who are registered and never vote. That is their primary reason. The additional reason is to block Trump from achieving one of his campaign promises to undermine his voter support for the 2020 election. I consider the Democrats to be criminals for the vote fraud they facilitate and traitors for their actions to facilitate the further invasion of this country by the illegals. They are even trying to block the “Are you a citizen” question on the next census to use the results to increase the number of representatives in Congress .
      The “enemy of the people” polls and media say that there are 11 million illegal aliens, hiding the true extent of the invasion so far, which is really 25 million according to a recent statement by Trump, or more!

    • The more illegals you get the more fraudulent votes you get and the fraudulent voters want free stuff. Democrats love to give away free stuff so there is their voting block. That means Democrats will be in power forever.

  14. If the left wants a civil war… then they best be aware that there are over 21 million armed veterans just waiting for their time to step up and back our President Trump and defeat ALL domestic enemies that include the Demoncratic party and their lost supporters..
    We’re Waiting to eliminate the left wing enemies.. including the Lamestream Media

  15. All I can say is they had better have a good reason to try turning the armed forces against the president and try for a civil war, because some of the participants may pay a price that they don’t want

  16. We, 21 million strong armed Veterans, who are backing President Trump, are ready for any one who wants a civil war… bring it on!

  17. This military takeover of our government by the democrats is a coup.They would take soldiers into his office and arrest him. Boy, the Dems are so desparate to win (And they know that they won’t) they are ready to physically remove our President! They are in an all out war,( a physically). With warrants, guns, hand cuffs. The Republicans will rise, and the Republicans may have to stand up and for President of the U.S. How ABSOLUTELY WICKED>The Dems know that Trump has accomplished more than any democratic president even a REPUBLICAN. They have a choice to stop this horrid thing from happening and for Republicans to stand up for our President!

  18. Any discord or vieled threat to keep the hatred spewing. So tired of the Democrats and their crap. We have got to get our voters out next year and defeat those up for re-election in the house especially. We also need to replace the rhinos in the house and senate so we can get necessary changes completed in our government.

  19. poor democrats,
    just dream, when your hands touches the
    bottom of the potty, you will wake up,
    and start your struggle all over again
    for the next four year, because Tramp is
    the people ‘s president will win again

  20. Until recently I didn’t really care what party was in power. It appears to me that most polititcians are crooked. I have, however, always respected this countries system of elections and wouldn’t even think of subverting an election. Those days are gone. We the people must protect our capitalistic society and republic at any cost. I stand with our POTUS. Close our boarders to prevent undocumented third world people from overrunning us. Change our immigration laws. Enforce our existing laws restricting whom may enter politics. Arrest and incarcerate traitors and crooks. Honestly elected POTUS will always have my support even if I don’t like the person on a personal level.
    I will fight. I will give the ultimate sacrifice for my country to prevent Socialism

  21. I have never seen so much hate in my life, and it comes from the democrats. They kept calling for tolerance, but they have none. They are sowing so much discourse in this country that they should be ashamed. But, they have no shame and what they are doing to OUR beloved country is pure evil. They are acting to kill innocent babies while they expect us to allow criminals run rampant killing, robbing and raping. They don’t care about this country or the Americans. We must stand with President Trump, he and the Vice President are the only ones that stand between us and total insanity.

  22. If they are that stupid to thank If President Trump win again in 2020, and they try to take him out of office, and that we are just going to stand and take it. They had badly misjudge us, and they will pay.

  23. The Republicans controlled the Senate, the House and the Presidency for two years and he still couldn’t get it passed. Does that tell you something. Trump gave the top 1% huge tax breaks, why don’t they give it to him. The wall would be a complete waste of money. The tunnels would be dug before the wall was finished. Drugs don’t come in out in the wilderness they would be covering. They come in by boat, plane and across border check points. Drones are cheap and readily available. The Chinese own many of our ports. How much human trafficing do you think comes in shipping containers? The illegals coming in each year is way down from what just 10 years ago. The only company that makes steel slats tall enough for ‘the wall’ is Russian owned and there is a steep tariff on steel from other ountries. Do some research and look at the number of Trump’s friends and business associates going to jail for major crimes against the US. Hummm…

  24. Typical trump like ploy. Blame the others in order to build a group for a civil war. It’s an extremist con to rile more narrow people. Anyone talking about a civil war hates America. You can bet your cookies, if trump loses, he will finally bare himself as a Russian asset.

    • Tiny, I really feel sorry for you, I would suggest you stand back and take a long hard look at what you are saying, you have bought the Liberal Lie. As far as our President goes he has done more for our country in two years then Obama did in eight, Oh, the Affordable Care Act, great! which cost me another $4000 a year and I have good insurance or did before Obama. You might want to take a look at your taxes you will file this year, Standard Deductions doubled, for most average middle income Americans that is a God sent. I could go on but you probably aren’t listening anyway, you better look closely before it is too late.

    • I fear you are of the collective retarded socialist party. No one in their right mind wants civil war. However if you sellouts to socialism desire it we can accomadate you. Careful what you wish for.

    • The Democrat Party is the one that brings up all of these nightmare scenarios. You people seem to conveniently forget that PRESIDENT TRUMP won the 2016 election by a sizable margin in the electoral college which Democrats even tried to manipulate to deny him the election win. Your people paid for a hit piece wherein you conspired with the Russians and Ukrainians and then lied about its ancestry and used it to set up the “Mueller Inquisition” to investigate him in hopes of overturning President Trumps Election with that which has back-fired. You Democrats started a phony “resistance” movement to further erode his power to fulfill the duties of his office. I take issue with you using the World War II term “resistance” in which many brave civilians paid with their lives to fight the invading German armies that invaded their countries. How dare you use that for a misguided political reason to overthrow OUR LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT! I hope to God that you Democrats don’t start a Civil War over your petty inability to assume a position of total power over the American people. You can vote.

  25. As a friend of the USA, speaking from home here in England ( never mind all that EU globalist crap ) I can in all honesty say that President Donald Trump will be judged by History to be one of the greatest POTUS ever. On top of that he is patently a Man of His Word – a condition sorely absent in a slight majority of “Politicians” worldwide.
    I have ceased reading or watching the “mainstream media” – the outright lies and agendas they no longer even bother to try to conceal from the taxpaying public have become too much of a distraction ( and WE pay for this !! ) and at my advanced age I no longer need the hourly stresses of the hysteria being fanned into flames by this international cohort of LEFTIES.
    Civil War ? You good people in the USA at least still have your own legal firearms – and an NRA determined to fight for your RIGHTS ( unlike the “good old British version” who were only interested in maintaining their own “governing body” status in the face of downright lies and corrupt “scientific facts” advanced by the lilly-livered British Government of the day ( sadly a Conservative one at that !! This leopard still has the same cowardly spot-pattern of the time – spots do not change it seems, they just spread ! )
    Don’t give even an inch – nothing will ever change the leftist destructive tendencies when they are thwarted – like most infants, they throw bigger and bigger tantrums until Mom or Dad teach them what a sound spanking feels like from the receiving end !
    Watch these spaces – you may not be alone in a Civil War to preserve the ideals WE still hold worthy of fighting for and for which many of our Forefathers died fighting to preserve !
    MAGA ! Yes Sir !!
    BREXIT ? You BET !!
    Some things are far more worthy of our fights than these political deviants can understand – we WILL OVERCOME ( as the saying goes !! )
    God Bless America !

  26. The democrats want a civil war. That way they can keep people fighting and hopefully kill as many of us off as tghey possibly can. That is also why they want our guns. With no guns they figure we can’t fight back while they are fully armed. They are greatly underestimating the military. They are bound to fight enemies foreign and domestic. Just because the democrats want power that’s no sign the military will follow them in the uprising.. And if the democrats think they will be safe in their bunkers while the people get slaughtered tthey need to do some rethinking. God will find them no matter where they are.

  27. The left is after power. And just because the democrats want the power over the people that doesn’t mean the military will stand by them. And if the democrats think they will be safe in the bunkers they built they need to rethink that idea. They can’t hide from God.

  28. I hate the amount of hate that is thrown about on groups like this.
    Party affiliation should be totally out a discussion about a President that acts like this one does. Lie upon lie is not the issue as much as the fact that way to many people believe the lies. Tearing good people apart for doing their jobs is no good for anyone on either side.
    EPA polluting, education getting worse then ever, lots of jobs that pay nothing and only creating more debt like 7 million people 90 days or more behind on their car payment and on student loans and housing so expense that people are living in the street even though they have jobs. This sure does not sound like a great economy to me. On top of that more Farms will probably go under this coming year do to no fault of their making.

    I have friends on both sides of the really issues but we still get along and would go out of out ways to help one another if one needed help. From the discussions l read of this group and others I can see getting along with one anther is not in the cards for most of these very one side greedy people.

    The biggest national problems today is the amount of home grown terrorists we are producing and the amount of drug users we produce. If there is no demand for drugs the problem goes away. The problem will never go away until that part of problem is fixed.

    Remember the earth in the universe is so small that the tip of a pin in comparison is big.

    Our President is not above the law and if the reports and then the courts say he must go so be it.

  29. Good Lord! Yes, you have demonstrated that you are indeed TINY, Tiny… in and of the brain anyway… and I don’t want even to think about where else tiny might apply…

  30. We the Deplorables know the truth and why we have elected this President Trump. We have seen the SWAMP on both sides and know they support their lobbyist over us the working Middle Class. Pres Trump has upset the apple cart and many are not happy and are looking to find a way to get him out. See why a couple of Republicans like Ryan have left they saw the writing on the wall . Even Sen McCain was not backing much of what Pres Trump was trying to do , very sad per his final illness and always admired him. Now if the majority of the Republicans do not come together to stand up for what this Pres has tried to do they are gone . Not sure they can ever come back and need to speak out more then majority are not doing. Trying to placate to their lobbyist and the money they receive. Wake up stand up for this President who has been scammed by these lies of a Russian Collusion. ASK VOTERS WHY?

  31. Trump was elected because the good people of America wanted a President for the people instead of what we have had as Presidents for the last several years. The Democrats will loose the next election and lots more elections. So if the Democrats last resort is a civil war, let them bring it on as they will loose.

    • We, each individual citizen of America, are the government. The 2 billion rounds of ammo belongs to us. All government buildings belong to U.S. citizens. We are the government. The people we elect are stewards, elected to watch over our assets. If they do not do their jobs lets fire them. Your Fired! Vote these commies out of office. If they turn against the citizens then we invoke the 2nd amendment and do what the founding fathers intend us to do. We take back our country.

  32. The Left’s obstruction is all based upon that they thought Crooked Hillary would win, and they could proceed with the Globalist/ Socialist/Communist take-over of the World! No borders, No Countries, No God, because Government becomes the God!
    It is all VERY EVIL!!! The reason they really hate President Trump is he screwed up their Globalust Plans to Take Iver The World! President Trump is a Patriot! OMG HE LIVES THIS COUNTRY!!! The Evil Left can’t take it! These Evil People must be defeated to Save Our Country!!!

    • First of all, they are all liars, and hypocrites, HRC did not win the DNC Presidential nomination election, She and Obama rigged it, stole it from Bernie, to finish the Ayers plotted Coup!

  33. First off they’re not Democrats! Secondly is your communist out in the open. The patriots and the X military people of this country say bring it on and we will go after the political system first. Then we will Hoar for those in the media who led the country astray. They’re out in the open and they want a Civil War because Obama bought them 2 billion rounds of hollow point bullets do use against Americans this very day with all the crap in the agencies of this country that are now the brown surely SS of this country ! If they come they are the ones were breaking the law not with the bees and one government does not obey the laws of the people there is the law. If they come they are the ones were breaking the law not with the bees and one government does not obey the laws of the people there is the law., there is only survival of the fittest!

  34. Only stupid people will bring a knife to a gun fight and we all know how stupid liberals are. I can’t wait for the fun to start. Hey! Maybe the president will put a bounty on these idiots, I need the money.

  35. the demos. have already started rigging the 2020 elections. Thats why alot of demos. are running for president is to pull votes from Trump along with illegals here & those on the way here. the demos. plan to win anyway they can , however they can. They already get by with all kinds of illegal voting knowing it really don’t matter who knows as nothing will become of it. Responsible republicans who make a mistake go straight to prison. demos. who cheat,lie or whatever can do no wrong. Demos. are pushing for power to bring in the u n & one world government. Fema camps will open up, you will be totally controled by a democratic government with no citizenship rights about anything. cause problems you will be shot, no questions asked. America will develop into a worse than a third world country. People, don’t be fooled by sweet promising words and smiles, freebies the demos. offer. look at that as a big fishing hook just for you. if you never been to a third world country i promise you will not like or agree with it. America is about freedom, third world countrys take your freedom. don’t give it away

  36. We, each individual citizen of America, are the government. The 2 billion rounds of ammo belongs to us. All government buildings belong to U.S. citizens. We are the government. The people we elect are stewards, elected to watch over our assets. If they do not do their jobs lets fire them. Your Fired! Vote these commies out of office. If they turn against the citizens then we invoke the 2nd amendment and do what the founding fathers intend us to do. We take back our country.

  37. Apparently those who believe the military would be on the side of the “establishment” never read about 1861 and earlier. For example, Robert E. Lee, a West Point graduate, was the army commander who lead the forces that caught John Brown. Keep that in mind.

  38. In last night’s Oscars, the best picture went to “Green Book” and the presenters including Julia Roberts as well as the rowdy throng that went on stage to accept the award which looked like the entire crew , seems like, expounded on the importance of achieving harmonious interracial relationships such as between blacks and whites, for instance and that we are all part of one family- the human family.

    So why are liberal Democrats including the Hollywood crowd so hateful of President Trump and everything he does?

    Yo, Hollywood, voters from the November 8, 2016 presidential election overwhelmingly rejected your Democrat Party candidate, HRC because she was perceived as a crook and there was no way they were going to allow her to be at the WH or as the POTUS.
    She got away from serving time in jail despite overwhelming evidence pointing to her guilt as having
    committed crime because the leadership at the DOJ and the FBI became weaponized and the Double Standard of meting out so-called, “American Justice”
    became the governing mantra of those in leadership positions.
    Space and time preclude enumerating all her son’s
    suffice it to say that she was roundly and soundly rejected at the ballot box regardless of whether or not those from the Left including most of the Left- leaning MSM like it or not.
    Candidate Donald J. Trump won the presidential election of November 8, 2016 fair and square in landslide fashion in winning the key battleground States one after another. Whether you from the Left liked it or not.
    Interference by a foreign power rigging and tilting the election result to the Republican candidate was not even heard on election night as the MSM was stunned with the election outcome.
    The frustration of/ amongst Democrats was so contemptibly palpable and so profound that it has lingered like a persistent pungent mist over the murky waters of the Washington DC deep swamp up ’til
    Seems like the goalline for the true definition of the word, HYPOCRISY keeps getting kicked around like the proverbial bucket.

  39. So now, with zero evidence and entirely for politics, a leftist promotes preparation for civil war? AND… appealing to the Military to prepare for ousting an unelected should he lose?
    Insanity is what this nincompoop is proposing, ranting and hate, usury and deceiving..

  40. We in the heartland rule get out of the East and West Coast and you will learn one basic truth Common Sense still prevails in the Heartland of America where people actually work for a living. Go the Elkhart Indiana the centeo of America’s RV Production chec out the numbers of RVs being made, and the wages of the workers who make them. Drive I-75 and count the number of truck transporting goods across the country, check out the Medical profession and how many doctors nurse and suppor personel do you have spread across the country talk to these real working Americans and see for yourself have much support they have for the East and West Coast Parasites, by the way I’d like to see Nancy Pelosi’s Tax Return.

  41. President Trump is one of the best president’s that this country has seen in over 30 yrs. When we FINALLY got rid of corrupt & un-American obama, & was awarded President Trump, this country was beginning to go back in the right direction. We thought that we defeated corruption but black supremacist lowlife obama is still around & maggot h. clinton is still around & then we has that SKANK, polosi & panty wearing chuck schumer. 2020 will be a total loss of all of the dem’s. President Trump will be in for a second term. Keep doing everything that you have doing President Trump . Great job. #MAGA #2020

  42. I hope my reply doesn’t follow the poor fellow
    who can’t frame a clear thought. The
    Right and Left should Chill and gather their
    thoughts before trying to express ideas and
    opinions. There is, however, a grain of
    possibility in the idea of civil war between
    the political parties, but if it happens the
    Right would have fed into a Leftist scheme,
    civil war would only advance their nafarious

  43. The Dirty Dems are setting up a scenario that THEY want to happen should President Trump WIN in 2020! They think they have two years to pick up the guns. Rubio introduced a national red flag bill just for gun confiscation. We know the socialist’s battle plan—registration -confiscation-revolution! We are reminded of the Boy Scout motto: BE PREPARED!

  44. I think a civil war is the only way to go.
    I would rather be dead then red and I am not Rich.
    It will be bloody and I think the country will never recover.
    But you can only blame this on the Democrats and the minorities
    The half that go with the Democrats will just be anoth Venezuela.
    And the other half will be free.
    This is all because of the Kennedy’s I BLAME that whole family

  45. It is time “We the People” take a stand. Pelosi and her merry band of thieves all nee to take a hike. Someone needs to find out where Cortez lived. We need to stand and have her thrown out for being a traitor to the Us. She can take Ilan with her. Why are these people left to spout their venom??


  47. As a Latino immigrate and DEMOCRAT…America is a great place to live it is your choice as citizens of this country to keep our freedom or succumb to the new democratic party /socialism/Marxist/communism, be a person who listens to every point of view, nonracial, learns, and develops your own point of view and be a clear-thinking person ….or they will be able to be slavered or put in a concentration camp…VIVA TRUMP


  49. Screw the Swamp! It’s time for CWII, LOCK&LOAD!!! We have an opportunity to kill em all, NO MO CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION DNC!!!!! It’s time to rid America of racists, communism, and Islam, End Welfare, and Free Loaders! A.R.15, don’t leave home, without it! Ammo, Ammo, Ammo!!! This has to happen every 300 years or so, but that’s ok, helps get rid of the bad blood!

  50. Time for CWII, these things have to happen every 2-300 years, helps get rid of the bad-blood! If you’re scared, I’ll put you in my shirt pocket until the smoke clears!

  51. You know – I read the inflammatory crap that flows through these so-called “Patriot” or “Merrican “sites , and I can’t help but wonder just who is paying all these people to misinform, whip up, inflame and divide the American people. I have to conclude that Trolls from Russia have infiltrated the organizations and are out to do what the the U.S. did for years against the Soviet Union. Trump is a buffoon and a disaster as President ( and as a human being for that matter) , but hasn’t been removed by force or by Civil War. He has destroyed his own validity by his actions , past and present. He will be brought to justice by EVIDENCE , and if/when found guilty , will be removed by CONSTITUTIONAL means. All these people who wave a bloody shirt have no concept of what War or a serious civil disturbance would be or entail. As for Trump’s “Base” of 35 Million , hooray for the true believers. The other 80% of the Country are sickened and disgusted by what he and his Administration have done to this Country and the reputation of the United States in the eyes of the rest of the World. ( except Russia, China and N. Korea who love seeing a Buffoon in power disgrace his own Country), I just pray that the Democrats will field someone who isn’t so much a tool and jerk of the left as Trump is a tool and jerk of the Right. If they do that and field a moderate Centrist , then the landslide against Trump will be deafening at the polls. And Trump can go back to doing what he does best – stiffing contractors , declaring bankruptcy, and groping women.

  52. This kind of talk is the reason the names, addresses, travel provisions, and activities of these elite democrats and RINO’S should be available to every republican and patriot in the world.
    Stay informed Americans.

  53. democrats have truly LOST there FREAKING MINDS ! We all better vote for TRUMP or we will lose our country to a bunch of Morons, most of my friends are democrats and I’m shocked , this is all common since. No FREE Rid , housing Medical care for illegal allies period, they do not deserve free housing , medical care or social security period . CRAZY VOTE TRUMP 20/20 MAGA !


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