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While appearing on Yahoo News’s Skullduggery podcast, Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a very hard to believe revelation. 

While on air, AOC shared that she has largely discontinued the use of her Facebook account before proceeding to warn others of the dangers of social media.

This is quite surprising coming from the upstart Democrat that has largely used sites like Instagram and Twitter to connect with her supporters.

“I actually think that social media poses a public health risk to everybody,” she shared. “There are amplified impacts for young people, particularly children under the age of three, with screen time. But I think it has a lot of effects on older people. I think it has effects on everybody. Increased isolation, depression, anxiety, addiction, escapism.”

Ocasio-Cortez further claimed that she was limiting her social media use strictly to while she should be tackling the problems that comes with being in a position of government. 

“Like every once in a while, you’ll see me hop on Twitter on the weekends, but for the most part, I take consumption of content; when it comes to consumption and reading, I take the weekends off,” she said.

In actuality this appears to have been some sort of ruse, as shortly after the interview Ocasio-Cortez retweeted the podcast and then went back to tweeting multiple times per day.



  1. She a lying socialist, what did you expect? She says one thing and then does something else. They can’t help themselves. It’s a mental disorder and it could decades in a rubber room to fix it. Now there is no guarantees, but we should start rounding up all these Democrat/socialist/morons and put them in their little rubber rooms and see if they ever get better.

  2. Why are we paying communist to promote their propaganda/agenda? Most of the statues and ordinances they write are NOT laws because they do not conform to the constitution. But not many department heads on the police force seem to know that.

    • I’m a fiscal conservative. This kind of communication does not bode well for the party. Instead of calling each other name we should be discussing policy. Nobdy is promoting communism. Just because don’t agree with a policy doesn’t mean I have to be a bully. Let’s use our heads, our brains and our words. Just because Trump call fellow Americans vile names doesn’t mean I have to.

  3. This little twit can’t keep her mouth shut long enough to quit social media ! She’s the only one ( excluding Omar and rashid ) who don’t know how stupid she is !

  4. So the lying Communist is disappointed that people are not gullible enough to believe her BS lying propaganda. Yes go away and pack your bags next year. Please leave the country!!!!

  5. Her handlers (puppeteers) give her the nonsensical garbage she regurgitates. She has never had an original thought nor can she speak without lying. The perfect liberal goon.

  6. Thank God! Her insanity is sickening, Her ignorance is nauseating, Her voice is irritating. Now, if she will just resign her office, things will be much more enjoyable in the news!

  7. What did you expect from a non educated kid? They’re sporadic, compulsive folks who just spout anything off the top of their head and expect everyone to believe it. It’s when these people get push back, especially from those that are educated that they get upset. Left leaning Socialists aren’t too bright, especially when they’re not educated . . .

  8. She’s learning that when your words are in print the way you say them doesn’t matter. The only thing people see are the facts or the lack there of.

    • The common person depends on social media to get a real feel on how people are thinking. You can’t trust the print or video media. Social media does get a bit wild but people are speaking from their heart for the most part.

  9. I feel certain that the complete and utter absence of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez on social media or in general would be completely survivable.

  10. Ocasio is a woman with mental problems, very unstable in her thoughts that’s why nothing she say makes much sense and on top of of all she is socialist , socialism at this point in history , really you got to be retarded to think that you can make that system work after seeing how disastrous it’s been for all countries that have try to make it work and this crazy bartender thinks she will sooo iur reality thos idiot is.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Now kick her out of washingtn. What t a waste of a seat….. the two of them are an insult to America..KICK HER OUT !?!!!!

  12. Please don’t vote her back into office. When will we as a people wake up and realize that these dems and they’re falling star are out to rule over us. None of them ever wanted freedom for this nation and they have always been the party of the slave owners. How long will black people allow themselves to be used for an agenda that is designed to enslave us and everyone else in America. They want and if allowed will take your dreams. AOC comes from money and she will take yours if given the opportunity. See Amazon, uhhhm.

  13. It’s really comical to hear someone of her generation speaking about the ills of social media – something that I actually am inclined to agree with. Then as soon as her words are out, she completely forgets about the whole thing and goes back to endless posting. She’s too stupid to even realize it on those rare occasions when she does make a valid point.

  14. Won’t miss her bumbling . She needs to sue her collage because she didn’t learn a thing about the USA and Freedom. She couldn’t have been an A student. The bottom line for is ,She is Dangerous!! She certainly isn’t for America. Too many died to let this disrespectful Idiot take over. She doesn’t have a clue.

  15. I can’t believe that the Democratic Party is so stupid that they believe what she says or does STUPID double STUPID p

  16. Her idea of common sense is how much change she has in her pocket…she can’t count very well and nothing above (2)…so most of us are protected from her “wrath”. She failed Civics 101 or skipped the class entirely as being too difficult with big words like Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  17. Typical Muslim. Say you wont and do it anyway. Our founding Fathers wouldnt let them in in the first place. Now our country in over flowing with them.

  18. Muslims are complaining that they are second class citizens.
    Why don’t they just stop being Muslims?
    Maybe they have a second class God.

  19. She is a cautionary tale: this is what you get when less than 16,000 show up to vote (way under 10% of the eligible voters). Don’t ever assume somebody like her couldn’t possibly get elected. Staying home when you should be out voting has dire consequences.

  20. Rare stupidity,probably congenital and left untreated by neglecting ,probably single parent.Now she’s even can’t communicate in Facebook.
    Congress should be proud.

  21. That young woman does not belong making serious adult decisions in how to best run a government the size of ours.We need educated adults knowing true facts before they open mouths to “educate ” us humble people. She is just a dishonest know it all and makes up her true or false according to how she alone sees it. She needs to be removed and take her anti american 3 sisters with her ,their American good will spirit is missing,

  22. Great,! I pray you can make a better living back at bartending!!! Now please find a profession that you are able to achieve!!!


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