One of the first things that leftists try to do, when they take over a culture, is to control the children. One big area that they focus on is the education system. Another area is the media.

Why both of those areas? Because children don’t have the critical factors to call “B.S.” when they see nonsense presented as fact, and because what a child is indoctrinated in is often what that child will continue to live by for the rest of their lives.

But leftists in America have had difficulty getting all parents to allow their children to be corrupted by leftist doctrines. The rise in homeschooling over the past several years is a perfect example of that.

So, now, the Biden administration is starting a new program that is likely to make a lot of financially-struggling parents feel dependent on the Federal government, and with that dependency, there will no doubt be more push to let leftists control the children to keep that money going to the family. Jack Phillips tells us about this program:

The Biden administration on May 17 announced that it would start to distribute monthly payments of the expanded child tax credit starting July 15.

President Joe Biden, in a statement, said that about 90 percent of families who have children will get the tax relief automatically as part of the American Rescue Plan that was passed by Congress and signed into law by Biden earlier this year.

The president, meanwhile, said Congress should pass the American Families Plan, an infrastructure-related proposal worth about $2 trillion dollars, to provide “relief for years to come.”

Phillips continues:

The American Families Plan would extend most of the child tax credit expansion until 2025, which is backed by most Democrats in Congress.

Of course, all of this is being sold as a way to help out the American people as the economy still struggles to recover from the lockdowns of the past year, and, to be fair, maybe some Democrats actually think that is the only purpose of these payments.

What history shows, though, is that leftists use government money to buy influence in order to control the culture. Making the payments monthly, instead of yearly with a tax return, will make many people even more dependent on government assistance than before, and that’s dangerous.



  1. Why buy them? He already owns their children’s children, if he keeps getting his $2 trillion bills pasted. Four, maybe five generations will be paying for hiding Biden’s BS.

  2. Pedo Joe already has Thousands of little girls to molest why does he need to buy any more??? I mean look at all he molested as VP and not one parent files charges. He is just buying the aparents that are to LAZY to work.


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