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This is complete disaster for the Democrats…

Things have taken a turn for the worst in Iowa with both Republicans and Democrats being very suspicious of the Iowa State Democratic Party for delaying the results for “quality control”.

According to Breitbart, NBC’s Steve Kornacki even raised concern saying, “We asked for more specifics than that. We don’t know exactly what the quality control is but as we said. This is the first time in the history of Iowa caucuses  —  they’ve been doing this for half a century — that they are tabulating three different numbers here,”


Many are wearing the worst claiming this election could have been rigged. Former Obama senior adviser David Axelrod even asked, “What the heck is ‘quality control?‘” You can read the full details of this story here.



  1. Mr Sanders is in deep shit again, his party is so corrupted that they attack even their own members, just like Hillary rigged her nomination it looks like this time Mr Blumberg will be able to buy his nomination,,,🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. When the Department of Justice asked if the DNC wanted the DOJ to look at the app and security protocols in the software, the DNC refused the DOJ access. Like the DNC server was refused to be checked by the FBI. Someone remind me of the debacle of the ACA website rollout, the company that built it for 100 million who’s Vice President roomed with Michelle Obama at college… the company that got the contract for upgrading the IRS computers which were swiftly hacked, the company that failed in the Canadian Healthcare computer system buildout.
    So now we have Hillary, Romney campaign managers developing an app, Mayor Buttplug donating to the company building the app… and debacle 2.0 is happening… the game is afoot once again, Democrats screwing over the public/voters.. whenever possible.


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