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Democrats on the bipartisan negotiation committee are preparing to make their latest proposal for border security funding to President Trump. It’s a pittance.

Trump has repeatedly stated that he wants $5.7 billion in funding for putting up a physical barrier along the southern U.S. border. Yet rumors of the current offer peg the sum at only a possible $2 billion.

Less than half, and that’s for total border security cameras, troops, supplies etc. This would mean that the amount going to the wall would actually be closer to $1 billion.

With the fight dragging on as it has, Trump may even accept the offer. Reports delivered to the New York Times state:

“Mr. Trump has told allies he would grudgingly accept a figure of around $2 billion, but House Democrats remain publicly opposed to spending that much on physical barriers. It is still not clear how much of the final allocation would go for new fencing, according to three people briefed on the negotiations.”

Unfortunate for the nation as such a small figure has been estimated to only be able to provide perhaps 200 miles of wall along the 2,000 mile border.



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