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What was she thinking?

Actress and far-left activist Alyssa Milano shared a fake news story on Twitter about President Donald Trump deporting children with cancer.

NBC reported that Trump had ended “a policy that allows migrants to not be deported while they or their family members receive life-saving medical treatments.”

The report was entirely false. No policy like that ever existed, and all the Trump administration is doing is “moving discretion over individual cases from USCIS to ICE.”

After seeing a tweet from California Congressman Mike Levin declaring that Trump “wants to deport sick and dying children receiving lifesaving medical care that is not available in their home countries,” Alyssa Milano retweeted it to express her outrage.

“Impeachment this asshole now,” the Insatiable actress said. “This is indefensible.”



  1. Brainless before, brainless still. Milano needs to use a computer before she starts her rants. Save herself a lot of embarrassment. I’m actually starting to pity these poor fools, not feel bad for, just pity.

  2. Hey, Milano, take your head out your ass and wake up….who gives a shit? If they wouldn’t break into our country illegally, and stay home, they wouldn’t have that problem, would they? We, the American public are not responsible for their medical problems, we have enough of our own………

  3. Its a good thing these actors dont have to be able to do more than remember their lines because theyy dont have the intelligence to do real thinking and reasoning !!!


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