We’ve known that Democrat politicians are hypocrites. They say whatever they think needs to be said in order to get elected, but, then, they will betray you for a convenient campaign contribution.

It’s disgusting.

And we have another perfect example which came out of Congress this week that, no doubt, you haven’t heard about. Why haven’t you heard about it? Only because the mainstream media won’t cover this truth because it would reveal the fact that Democrats really don’t care at all about slavery. No, Democrats care about getting votes using slavery as an issue, but slavery itself? They allow it, even encourage it, if it lines the pockets of their campaign funds. Mark Tapscott writes,

House Democrats defeated an effort by Republicans on June 16 to require public disclosure of and potentially sanction “bad actors” regarding China’s forced labor abuses identified in U.S. firms’ supply chains.

Rep. Andy Barr (R-Ky.) introduced a motion to recommit to be attached to the Democrat-sponsored “ESG Disclosure Simplification Act.” That motion was defeated 218–207, with five members not voting.

Tapscott continues:

Barr’s motion and the related amendment wouldn’t have changed the ESG disclosure mandate, but would have added provisions requiring companies to report to the Department of Treasury any supplier or other business partner found to be participating in or otherwise supporting Chinese facilities that are estimated to be holding more than 1 million ethnic Muslim Uyghurs in forced labor and detention.

The offending suppliers and partners would be subject to potential U.S. sanctions if they: use forced labor or are participating in building detention camps in the Uyghur Autonomous Region of China; create or provide technology or assistance for mass surveillance in Xinjiang Province of China, where most of the Uyghurs live; participate in serious human rights abuses or corruption; or undermine the democratic process or institutions in Hong Kong.

Now, in case it wasn’t clear, there is another word for “forced labor and detention.” That word is “slavery.”

But Democrats really don’t care about slavery unless they can use that emotionally-loaded term to stir up voters and donors into a frenzy. Otherwise, it’s just swept under the rug to be ignored.

We have a word for that, too. It’s “hypocrisy.”



  1. The Democrats are well known for their hypocrisy. They will swear to one thing and then do the opposite. This has been the Democrat way of life since early in the 1930s when Roosevelt promised so many things that he never intended to do. Roosevelt and the Democrats were responsible for Hitler sinking our ships. The USA was openly providing England with war materials. Naturally, Hitler was against the USA supporting his country’s enemy, and he went to war with the USA. Roosevelt had been discussing with England and France about sending men and equipment to fight against the Germans, and when the Germans sunk a couple of supply ships headed for England, that gave Roosevelt a reason to declare war against Germany. There is no doubt whatsoever that Hitler needed to be stopped – defeated. But in reality, the USA baited Hitler into sinking ships that were bringing war supplies and equipment from the USA to England. The USA was faced with Russia bringing war equipment to Cuba in 1962, and almost attacked Russian ships for doing the same thing the USA had done in 1940 and 1941. Strange, but the Democrats were in power for the start of World War II, the Korean War in 1950, the Vietnam War in 1964, the Dominican Republic Crisis in 1965, and the problems in the mid-east beginning in 1993. The Democrats have drifted to the far left in politics, and have undertaken communist activities today. Look at what Biden is doing now to the USA. DON’T BLAME ME — I VOTED FOR TRUMP!

  2. Slavery? What political group formed the KKK? Duh, Democrats folks! They formed the KKK so they could maintain control of the slaves and make sure they didn’t get weapons. Wake up people, please? The Democratic Party of old is now the American Communist Party.

  3. Let’s see: woodrow wilson told Margaret Sanger to install her “clinics” in all the black neighborhoods!
    woodrow wilson declared the masses should not receive a “good education”. Basics were sufficient.
    Who decided to spark the first shot in 1862?
    Who were the biggest slave owners? Blacks who rented their “tools” to the rich plantation owners!
    Who was biden’s MENTOR? who did biden called his best friend? who eulogized the highest rank of the KKK?
    Did you ever watch the movie:”ELYSEUM”? This is what socialism/communism will look like on earth!
    And the lawmakers will be out of the fray! ( demonrats and rinos alike)


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