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Illegal immigrants are constantly trying to evade capture by U.S. officials so they can continue to leech off American society. However that didn’t work out for one individual who was literally caught with his pants down. 

U.S. Border Patrol agents informed the Starr Country Sheriff’s Office where they could pick up a new inmate after discovering a man having “relations” with a cow at the Hidalgo County line.

Local deputies were informed that 28-year-old Jose Nino, who was a Mexican national in the country illegally, had been caught committing an act of bestiality. 

Jose was charged with a felony count of bestiality and set a personal recognizance bond of $1,500. He was then returned to U.S. Border Patrol agents for processing.



  1. I know this is a dated article but I’ll still post a reply.

    Unbelievable… So the local gendarmes caught an illegal fornicating a cow. That speaks highly of the folks the left wants to introduce and subsequently integrate into our society, our country. I’m thinking we have enough of those types already, no need to import them.


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