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This woman needs to control herself!

Rep. Ilhan Omar lashed out during House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s speech on the House floor when he condemned Rashida Tlaib for having said “impeach the motherf*cker” several months ago. 

According to Breitbart, Omar screamed “stop it!,” at McCarthy after he made his remarks about Tlaib. 


You can read the full details of this story here.



  1. All she is, is a FUCKEN CUNT………….a disrespective CUNT, at that…….if she is a representative of America, I am Martin Luther King………and I am not Martin Luther King……..

  2. Tlaib, Omar and AOC should all be one term wonders as many more should be leaving in January 2021. I will laugh at Nasty Nancy when she is forced to hand over her gavel after just two years and a load of hatred and nothingness.

  3. Pelosi took a Phelps screwdriver, and demanded it work for a common screw. She took a square peg and demanded it work in a round hole.
    She took a process requiring BI-partisan co-operation and demanded a partisan result.
    Impeachment doesn’t work on common screws, it doesn’t work on round holes, it doesn’t work for partisan purposes.
    Why did she do it? To keep the Socialists from unseating her and other leaderships as the House Dems are populated 75% now by “progressives’/Socialists! She and the DNC accepted this group and where 10 years ago this group was 10% of the House Dems, now it is 75% and with the 2020 Dem primaries I expect 90+ Socialists to be in the House Dems.
    The leadership we all see in pics that are taking credit for Impeachment… did so to keep power. At 90%’, why do the Socialists have any purpose, any reason, any need for the current Dem Leadership? Anywhere? But especially the House?
    Almost each and every of those leadership positions are going to lose positions of power.. because.. and this is irony of the most intense… the Socialists are going to now run against these leadership Dems FOR THIER FAILURE… to get Impeachment. Just wait… the hullabaloo about getting a vote for… will dwindle… then the uproar of its failure will start.
    Make no mistake, the Socialist cannot lose in this Dem Debacle. there is zero chance Media will hold ‘The Squad’ responsible, or ‘Progressivism’… the media will continue to blame the general enemy of the entire left.
    Socialists that demanded impeachment and saw failure will primary every non-Socialist Dem they can in the 2020’s and old school Dems have effectively invited the monster in, that will eat them alive.
    2021 harbinger’s a great dark cloud coming, the cloud will become a massive storm, washing away any democratic principle in the House Dem Caucus.. we can thank Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff(and Sor0s) for 2021 debacles ahead of us….

  4. Subject:
    HARRIDAN POLITICIAN ANALYSIS–by Samuel A. Nigro, MD, retired psychiatrist, copyright c 2019. (This political analysis was prompted by “A woman’s place in the courtroom” in THE WEEK, March 8, 2019, a two page description about the impact of harridan suggestibility diseases providing more income for lawyers, which, in the final analysis, is all the law really care about.)

    PREFACE: The Harridan Privilege leading to the Harridan Party was created, appropriately, by Hillary Clinton when she was expelled from her first job after law school because of being a “liar” and for “unethical behavior”–She still has a hard time telling the truth–all harridans do. They all shake their heads “no” when they talk. This was the first “Harridan Privilege” event—No doubt she was handled with kid-gloves in those days, because she was a woman, while a male graduate of law school would have been disbarred and flamboyantly dismissed, never to practice law again. Treating Hillary, by disbarment, like “the man” she claimed to be, would have saved us a lot of craziness and evil. Thus, Hillary created the Harridan Privilege at her first job after law school, because the then-routine-overly-considerate-to-women males discovering her criminality did not treat her like “a man”. Women politicians and lawyers, and liberal journalists and college professors, of all genders, have been using the Harridan Privilege ever since. Entropic Harridans vote for harridans not because of what they stand for, but because they are women, which is stupid sexism ignoring the content of character–which is being a harridan….harridans metastasize because they only vote for each other and buy votes any way they can.

    THE HARRIDAN PARTY—EWB–El Wacko Bananas–female privilege–demoncrat “CHEERLEADERS”: why you cannot take women seriously…. Ocazio-Cortez, Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Ilhan Omar, Diane Feinstein, Kirsten Gillibrand, Rashida Tlaib, Mazie Hirono, Rachel Maddog, Amy Klobuchar, Gloria Steinem, Geraldo Rivera, Andrew Cuomo/Ralph Northham/Pete Buttigieg (they are transgendered clones of Adolph Eichmann, who manipulated an entire people into subhumanity), Bill Clinton (he is all gendered), the gay genital maniac cult, and the rest “equal-to-men women” (as long as you do not really always treat them like “men”). National Shame—ARE ALL THE WOMEN politicians really just IDIOT CHEERLEADERS? (including Beto O’Rourke–a real hysterical personality)– THE MORE EMOTIONS, THE CRAZIER–“Whatever I think that makes me feel good, IS as I say it is, IF I say it loudly dancing and it still appeals to the ILLLs (Incorrigible Lying Liberal Loons) of the Eichmann press&media which controls the people and destroys their culture from the Founders by unnatural sex and violence offered to imitate!!!!!”? Harridan analysis follows (“Genderlessness” of today makes all applicable to all “genders” unless you believe in nature’s biological genders, which you have the right to do as part of your heart of liberty, but it will be against the U.S. Supreme Kooks.).

    1. Half are in PMS (which includes the universally contagious corruption by Political Money Stealing) all the time by all politicians, male or female–they call it the Greed New Deal because it will
    enrich with money and power the politicians, lawyers, and journalists by socialism (nee’ “slavery”).
    2. Most are dramatic sexists who revel in immodesty to sexually assault and “rape” males into a masochistic mode; then they
    complain that the males assaulted them. “Masochism” and “Chaste” are
    two unrecognized genders yet to be pronounced. As a “masochist” you do not need to rape anyone if you can get yourself
    sexed (nee’ “raped”) by prurient soliciting women who are the real
    rapists as are the teachers of Planned Parenthood’s grade school sex programs which destroy childhood and create rapists. Going to a prostitute or for a massage turns into a “rape”, for which the
    perpetrators got paid, because the payers are masochism gender and willingly donate to the harridan and her associates for sex. This fits more our current liberal culture of masturbation in which
    sex is anything, anywhere, with anybody or anything and where gender is irrelevant…just “getting off” is one’s right in one’s “heart of liberty,” in a culture where acting out of one’s feelings are,
    because of Roe v. Wade and Obergefell v. Hodges, decreed to be “reality” which must have “substantive due process” (from the 5th and 14th amendments). This is from
    the harridans of the U.S. Supreme Kooks: Sex now includes absolute autonomy-of-self; moral-relativism; gender fluidity and flexibility; acting-out-feelings is no longer a symptom of
    mental illness; and the latest public-opinion Suggestibility Diseases manipulating the liberal culture of masturbation onto the people by the Fraud Press is more important than the
    Constitution and words of the Founders. “At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, of the mystery of human life”–and that so-
    called “right to define” one’s life is absolute Supreme Kook dictate, and it must include the right for sex any way including a “right to be raped”–no longer called “prostitution” but now decorated
    as seeking a massage known to be an opportunity to be “raped” for masochists. Government support will enable masochists to get “raped” so they do not have to actually rape an unwilling
    someone. Instead, self-rape will be absolutely allowed for the abusive masochistic genders when part of one’s “heart of liberty”. In today’s liberal culture of masturbation, “prostitution” does not
    exist, but should be called “pre-rapism”–Again, “gender” does not matter; and laws apply equally to ALL genders–to stimulate someone into sexual arousal and activity is “rape”–which means
    that immodesty is rape too. It is totally inappropriate to invoke traditional mores and concepts in today press&media harridan “culture of masturbation” which have rendered almost all
    current laws about sex to be totally irrational, outdated, when not equally applied to all accepted genders (It is difficult to see how “pedophila” is not a “gender” per the current U.S.
    Supreme Kooks’ ruling). Regardless, the law does not care about truth or justice, and it is unConstitutional when it does not follow the Constitution-identified “Nature and Nature’ God” in
    determining the “common good.” It seem the law cares only about the creation of work so lawyers can make money. Comprehensively, to meet contemporary cultural standards, law centers
    should have lawyers and judges provide abortions, assisted suicide, euthanasia, sex for the masochist gender (and may be all “genders”, including pedophiles?) so there will be no more real
    illegal rapes or prejudice against any gender and the needs of all genders will be equally met at your local Justice Center. Harridan privilege must rule. And 50,000 new lawyers every year will
    need the work. Law has become an established religion in America.
    3. Half are malephobic (which is “sexism”) based on unconscious muscle jealousy replaced by irrational thoughtless loud pseudo-muscle impulsive cheering and dancing instead (Read the names of
    the “women” above)–NAGGING EXPERTS especially against male virtue.
    4. As children, none had to compete when boys were allowed full energy use (By outrageous sexism, boys today are unequally conditioned to unequally defer to girls so girls can feel “equal”–
    unless transgendered. Thus, boys are prevented from using full efforts and from developing male virtues.)
    5. Half are unnatural sex cunt (acceptable word since the play, Vagina Monologues, has the audience chanting and singing “cunt”; lesbians brag about their “cunt-fests”) addicts; and women use the
    word alot at their Loser March celebrations.
    6. Half are incapable of keeping their marriage agreements or demanding the same from their husbands–They reject Ephesians 5: 22-33–wife subservient to husband; husband totally sacrificing for
    wife and family as Christ did for the Church. They have no conscience and are never sorry for anything.
    7. Most are lousy losers still celebrating the Loser March after Trump defeated the woman and will forever be pathetically moaning about and retaliating for her loss.
    8. Half do not care to keep a traditional virtuous family and have screwed themselves into positions of power and “better-than-thou” self-righteous deluded feminism, which is an unnatural charade
    against traditional family life and integrity.
    9. Half are the “American harem” as a graduate student said of them: “American females from age 12 on are really something; you can get a hand job, a blow job, or a quick screw any time, and
    it is as significant for our relationship as taking a leak” (He was going back to his Caribbean country to find a trustable decent moral woman to marry, instead of an American harridan harem
    whore, as he called American females).
    10.Half are Native American victimists as from gene studies by Elizabeth Warren (Victimism is Harridan Privilege).
    11.Half are trying to “buy” Negro votes by offering “reparations” when being born in America is to win life’s lottery, compared to living any where else, which is why thousands come to white-
    man-created America. Slavery any where else was to die without ancestors (Slaves of Islam and Native America were worked to death, tortured to death or castrated, and have no ancestors.
    Slaves in Africa died destitute or luckily were sold to the Americas where they were allowed families, and whose Negro ancestors are mostly successful because of Caucasian humanbeingness
    and help from Caucasian males in America.).
    12.Half want the press and media dictators to decide elections by Suggestibility Diseases manipulating the people into lemmings rather than by fair, rational, and ethical presentation of facts which
    promotes, instead, the culture of the Founders’ Ten Commandments and Nature and Nature’s God.
    13.Half are unAmerican traitors to the Founders who knew how bad over-compensating anti-responsible inferior bitching arrogant know-it-all better-than-thou self-righteous women could be, and
    operated by the English “Rule of Thumb” law which prohibited beating your wife with anything thicker than your thumb (That was how it was with the civilized English and it was worse
    elsewhere for thousands of years). If men justifiably treat the Harridan Party equally as “men”, a Rule of Thumb law will likely be needed soon–see 24 infra, if men treat women equally as
    “men” they claim to be.
    14.Half are against men using their full abilities, because women do not feel “equal” when men use their full abilities in all equal opportunities.
    15.Half want the exuberant boys put in the corner so the girls can be exuberantly first in everything, and the boys learn unequal deference.
    16.Half want all men sent to jail.
    17.Most believe hoaxes are fine if women do them.
    18.Most want medical care to not be between physician and patient by Health Savings Accounts where the patients have the money and can spend as they decide for their health. Instead harridans
    want a government/insurance administrative system which costs more than the defense budget and enriches millions of non-medical employees with health care dollars paying for paper work and
    phone calls instead of health care.
    20.Half want to be “male” except when really treated like one or when thinking about engagement rings and jewelry (which will be outlawed by the ERA, the Equal Misery Amendment, as will
    all classical female desired, traditional, expected old-fashioned considerations—They will not like real equality, which includes the military draft).
    21.Half are against Natural Law and the Constitution’s promotion of Nature and Nature’s God–Most could not name the Transcendentals if their lives depended on it which it does (The male
    Transcendentals are being, matter, truth, good; while female Transcendentals are being, identity, oneness, beauty–Read my “Male Female Difference in Natural Law”).
    22.All are against releasing their tax forms except for President Trump and the Clintons.
    23.All had sex with Bill Clinton (in fact or in dreams).
    24.Half believe and hope that males are not conditioned to really fight women equally by using all their force as if she were a man, even after men have been socially conditioned to do so after
    viewing hundreds of television/movie scenes of women fighting, beating, shooting, attacking, overwhelming males and shooting basketballs with one hand while repetitively beating big males in
    arm wrestling with the other hand, even though “equality” means men should treat women as they treat men–no holding back for any reason–Like the NFL wives striking their husbands in the face
    with closed fists and getting a one punch takedown instead of a one hour beating a man would have got–Those days are over–acting like a man is to claim being a man and get treated like one.
    25.Half prove that women should never have been given the vote and that government will be ruined by a bunch of bitches, shouting, wide-eyed, open-mouthed, shrieking, gaseous, PMSing,
    half-ignorant of the meaning of “equality” and all ignorant of the Equal Misery Amendment and denying that white males are basically responsible for creating, developing, giving everything
    everybody has from planes, phones, libraries, hospitals, basketballs, you name it and it likely has been culturally appropriated from white males (who need support, education, and reinforcement
    to keep on creating. We will get nothing much from iconoclast harridans who live George Orwell’s 1984 : “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every
    picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has
    stopped.” i.e., the Republic of High Horse Journalism & Self-Righteous Slavery by Iconoclasts as predicted by Orwell.).
    26.Half do not know that we would still have slavery if a million and a half “white males”, supported by twenty million Caucasian Notherners, did not die winning the Civil War, freeing four million
    Negro slaves who are now forty-five million who should be thankful and hoping for continued help from the current 195 million Caucasians who do not deserve to be called insulting names or
    exploited or made to feel false “guilt” for alleged “racism.” Not thanking Caucasians for all done for minorities just prevents conversion of KKK and the few Caucasian abusers to become fully
    human with love instead of power-madness against humanity, Nature and Nature’s God. Not to know, your benefits and successes are overwhelmingly due to Caucasians, is stupid and prevents
    more help. Talking about, reminding, and thanking the Caucasians will suggest more help and support and shame the few hateful negative losers into mellowing out and becoming helpers too.
    27.Half should abort themselves by hand guns because they have “the right to choose” now, because their mothers would have done so if they could have chosen–they can just pretend they are infants
    in their “life ambivalent” “heart of liberty” and thus can be self-aborted. This is consistent with the acceptance of abortion, infanticide, assisted suicide, euthanasia, sterility, climate change,
    socialism, adopting out your children to full time mothers and fathers, and any other harridan ordure, which is also to say that the world would be better off without evolution, natural selection and
    Natural Law (harridans do not understand any of those).
    28.All prove they and all in government jobs, from White House to pharmacy board high school graduates, should wear audiorecorders all the time and the law should be replaced by artificial
    intelligence designed to demand truth and provide justice. There would be no lies in government investigations ever, if politicians were required to wear audiocameras always. Truth and justice
    would reign and corruption stopped. Investigations would be over quickly if all in government were on audiorecorders, but that would mean less need for lawyers, so it will never be done.
    29.Half know that the Catholic Church has to be Divine to have survived over two thousand years with the leadership it has had.
    30.Half believe in “separation of Church & state” but are unaware that the first U.S. Congress of 1774 argued over whose pastor was going to open their first meeting. The prayers offered were
    greeted with religious fervor by other members responding in spontaneous prayers for an hour–that was the opening of US Congress, and was not considered “establishment” or violation of
    Church-state separation. They are also likely unaware that the First Congress’ first order was to purchase 20,000 Bibles. Also, when Thomas Jefferson was president, Congress regularly held the
    largest crowds for religious services and “separation” was never considered to be needed. It is the anti-religious separationists who are the ones who are prohibited from using words which
    prohibit free exercise just as the Founders exhibited magnanimously. Judges and lawyers who do not understand and rule otherwise should be suspended from the bar and lose their licenses
    because of their unConstitutional unAmerican actions.
    31. Half love socialism (nee’ slavery) and think we should have surrendered to the Soviets. For harridans, “socialism” is just a vote-appealing slogan.
    ASSERT ONE’S ABILITIES ALL THE TIME, and there is no more males holding back so females can succeed equally (One cannot legally identify or distinguish between genders any longer)!
    Make them use the men’s bathroom as the transgenders do–and fancy “engagement rings”, no way. Harridans are not real females. Do not treat them as they occasionally try to exploit others by
    presenting as “females.”

    POSTSCRIPT: This political analysis was prompted by “A woman’s place in the courtroom” in THE WEEK, March 8, 2019, a two page description about the impact of harridan suggestibility diseases providing more income for lawyers.

  5. As soon as republicans regain control of Congress She should be removed from Congress and deported because of her Immigration fraud she commited


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