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Did she really just say that?

During a broadcasting of “CNN Newsroom,” Rep. Ilhan Omar stated that the George Floyd’s death was a “lynching.”

She said, “[T]here has been, you know, so many people who have been spinning what happened to George Floyd and what the ultimate cause of his death was. We now know that it was murder. And you know, we didn’t need to be told by the jury with that guilty verdict. Many of us saw that video and witnessed a lynching take place. You know, throughout the summer and up to the court hearing, we all thought it was eight minutes and 46 seconds, and we ultimately know that it was more than nine minutes. And I don’t really know how we move forward as a society where there is a particular segment that believes that that is a justifiable thing for a police officer to do and that they should not be held accountable.”

She also added, “It shouldn’t be that surprising that there are still segments in our society that believe it is justifiable for a black man to be lynched. But it’s going to be important for us to confront that reality, to confront our past history, and to find ways to move forward as a society.”

Read the rest of the article and watch a clip here.

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  1. Stupid is as stupid does. We ALL know Floyd died from swallowing three times the lethal dose of drugs. He swallowed all he had in his car as he didn’t want it to be found. That’s what killed him. I do not like the knee on the neck or shoulder either but fair is fair. He O/D’d. He couldn’t even stand up – he was all over the place so they had to put him on the ground.

  2. P.S. His drug dealer is the one who should be prosecuted. He was sitting right next to Floyd in the car.
    Apparently Floyd went to the gym every day and played basketball so he was in great shape. What a waste!


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