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Ilhan Omar (D-MN) lost total control. Is it time she steps down?

Anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) exploded at former Reagan administration official Elliott Abrams during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Wednesday as she called him by the wrong name and refused to accept one of his answers.

“Abrams testified in front of the House Foreign Affairs Committee about the U.S. response to the crisis in Venezuela, which has collapsed under far-left policies that have decimated its economy and caused hyperinflation, starvation and medical shortages,” The Washington Free Beacon reported. “The Trump administration is supporting Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido and said authoritarian President Nicolas Maduro must step down and leave the country.”

“Mr. Adams, in 1991 you pleaded guilty to two counts of withholding information from Congress regarding your involvement in the Iran-contra affair for which you were later pardoned by President George HW Bush,” Omar said. “I fail to understand why members of this committee or the American people should find any testimony that you give today to be truthful.”

“If I can respond to that,” Abrams responded.

“Ah, em, it wasn’t a question,” Omar fired back.

Abrams again tried to respond and Omar rudely cut him off.

“That was not that was not a question,” Omar yelled. “That was, I, I reserve the right to my time.”

“It is not right that members of the committee can attack a witness who is not permitted to reply,” Abrams said.

“That was not a question, thank you for your participation,” Omar arrogantly said.

Omar later asked Abrams if a foreign massacre was a “fabulous achievement” and refused to accept his answer.

“Yes or no, do you think that massacre was a fabulous achievement that happened under our watch?” Omar asked.

“That is a ridiculous question,” Abrams responded.

“Yes or no?” Omar yelled.

“No!” Abrams fired back.

“I will take that as a ‘yes,'” Omar shockingly responded.

Omar, who has been so controversy-laden that President Donald Trump called on her to resign on Tuesday, was again widely condemned for her behavior during the hearing.

“In recent days, the world has witnessed the support the U.S. has offered the Venezuelan people with the ultimate goal of restoring democracy in their country,” RNC director and spokesperson of Hispanic Media, Yali Nunez, said. “For Rep. Ilhan Omar to attack the character of U.S Special Envoy to Venezuela, Mr. Elliott Abrams, a public servant and patriot is just simply un-American. In less than a week, she has managed to offend both the Jewish and Hispanic communities in the U.S.”

“This woman is an embarrassment to Africa and Islam,” Africa and Middle East public policy and security expert Mr. Aye Dee tweeted. “It is a pity that the people of MN elected such a person to Congress…”

“I hate that I’m even commenting about this person but it’s hard not to,” Obianuju Ekeocha tweeted. “This girl is the worst version of Africa. The very worst of us. Rude, crude and a bully…”

“Congratulations @EllisonCampaign and the 5th District of Minnesota!” President of American Islamic Forum for Democracy, M. Zuhdi Jasser, tweeted. “You have given birth to a corrupt Islamist pedestrian hack who can barely pronounce @OIC_OCI tyrannical pablum about an American patriot @Elliott_Abrams. Shame on every constituent that voted for @IlhanMN”




    • Who allowed this disgusting piece of ‘mooslime’ filth into America and I think the more important question: who elected this POS into a public office?. Time long overdue for an investigation as to why this happened. islam and communism have absolutely no place in America period. These concepts are inconsistent with life in America. Anyone not believing the destruction by these disgusdting POS’ need to take a look at Dearborn and Detroit MI and Minneapolis MN that under the hoards of ‘mooslimes’ have turned many areas of these formerly great midwestern cities into third world SHITHOLES just like the ones they left in the middle east.

    • For sure! How could anyone who knows anything about America vote for this woman as she is not an American by birth and wants to infiltrate her beliefs on all of America and trust me, that isn’t going to work!

  1. She somehow thinks she’s authorized to speak “for the American people,” but she better not think that includes me. I’m all about the 1st Amendment but she’s put a black mark on the 5th district of Minnesota – and that’s not a racial reference, either.

  2. We should only have Americans in our foreign people. I think the ones that voted for them should be jailed and the Foreign people should be impeached.

  3. This is what we have to look forward to if we allow illegals to stay in our country and vote, the way she was elected is by people who won’t even assimilate to our ways.

  4. This is why the 1953 Law was put in place to keep Muslims out of Government Positions. This Muslim is not only a loud mouth 👄 Idiot, a Racist, a Traitor/Terrorist, Hypocrite and Lier! She was married to her blood brother, supports the release of all Muslim Terrorist, trying to cause hatred of Spanish and Jewish Americans! It’s time President Trump remove her from office so she can’t fulfill her Agenda to Destroy America so Muslims can take control!

    • Right! Agree with most all the above comments. She is an arrogant non American, how in the world did she get to where she is, and how many MORE are being propagated by the left for future crimes they bring to the USA. Same on the Democratic party, abdicating their souls to such evils.

  5. Where is this country going with all the hate on both sides of the aisle The people in Washington ought to be ashamed of themselves They call themselves educated I don’t think so

  6. Minnesota…your past attempt at being “open minded” when you voted this person to such a responsible position, has back fired. In fact you, Minnesota are GUILTY of placing America at risk, all because of you, the Minnesota VOTER.

    Should she be removed from office, even if by some stupid persons rioting to force it, then it is YOU the MINNESOTA VOTERS…who are to blame and are seen either as having limited mentality, or you intentionally want America to become under Muslim Control, Muslim law, …I believe that

  7. My thoughts on this she bitch and the hate she demonstrates to our country and world are ones that cannot and should not be printed but suffice it to be said that she and her kind is what is going to force our country and it’s passionate, democratic, Christian people to take up arms to protect our threatened life and it will not be a pretty.

  8. She`s trying to change our country. These foreigners get away with what ever they want to say. Everything we say is racist, but they can say anything and get away with it. If they can`t live by our laws, then go back where you came from.

  9. It is tragic to see idiotic people like this been elected to serve in our Congress. Only idiots or Communists can agree with her. God save America.

  10. This is a new Low for the Democratic Party.
    At what point will they stand up and publicly and loudly decry one of
    their own who is obviously unfit and doesn’t deserve the
    enviable and important position she holds.
    Time to draw the Red Line and stand up for America.
    If anyone should be impeached, it’s her.

    • This is not the Democratic Party it is the Muslim take over America party, they are stacking themselves up and the dumb people are voting them into office because they are lazy and want everything free. They will pay in the worst way. But it will cost America it’s pride and glory that we have fought for, for years. Sad situation but we only have ourselves to blame for allowing them into this country.

      • To further understand where we are going, consider…The birthrate of Russia is 1.2. The birthrate of the US is 1.3 and the birthrate of Muslim countries is 1.4.

      • I’d like to find out why the law that was passed not allowing Muslims into our country is not being upheld why get every radical Muslim out of the US especially the ones in our government I feel sorry for the good Muslims if there are any I don’t think so


  12. Where is Pelosi. She needs to get this woman out of The House of Representatives. Instead of picking a fight with President Trump who she hates because of Hillery Clinton

  13. I salute you all for responding to her behavior and not her religion. She represents positions that are un-American. She is no more than a glaring example of the hatred shown by her kind. The enemy is among us. If you swear an allegiance to our country to live here, you should fulfill your roll by assimilating and work toward our success.

    • Since American’s selected by their constituents to hold political office are obligated and have sworn an oath to defend the United States and our Constitution against people foreign and domestic who want to destroy our way of life, I believe that we the people should start a legal action to remove our Muslin, hate America, congresswomen Ilhan Omer from her political office and send a message to all America haters that there is no place for you in public office.

      It’s time to stop this outrageous political spectacle and posturing. We the people are sick and tired of listening to this garbage on our daily news. Let me know if this works for all of you and lets get this done. Liam

  14. The fact that she brought something up that happened in the 80’s which is the past is beyond belief. We are having to deal with things for the future not the blasted past. YOu can’t change the past. What about the past in her own country——- think about that one missy.!

  15. omar is not a natural born citizen, the president should have her citizenship revoked and deport her back to Somalia where she was born, maybe then she can holler, scream and provoke her rulers but then again maybe they won’t put up with her nonsense

  16. She is a Jihadist Muslim, who tried to have 7 individuals who were trying to join Isis released from their crimes, she hates our USA, the American Democratic Republic, and is doing anything to hurt our Country, she is a disgrace even to the Democrats

  17. Send her back where she came from. We do nor want or need that piece of shit in this country.
    Do you think anyone who voted for her would ever admit it.
    If so, they can disappear along with her.

  18. I can’t decide which of the two power-hungry women are the worst, i.e., AOC with her green new deal, or Nancy Pelosi with her HR-1 bill. Either way the results are terrible. Thank goodness that God can handle that one.

  19. Congress & the Senate take an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the U.S. There are too many in there that lied under oath!!

  20. Unfortunately, only the House of Representatives can expel this disgrace to her party, her religion, and this nation. That is clearly spelled out in the Constitution. Oh yes, she cannot even be held legally responsible for her comments made as part of her Congressional duties in Washington. Unfortunately, also, is the fact that Pelosi will never allow that since is would be another stain on “HER” Congress. She, along with her counterpart from New York, are perfect examples of the wackos who can get into congress on the side of the left. They are, to the left, what David Duke was to the Republicans in Louisiana — a disgrace.

  21. The statements Omar has made, the rude, crude insults she has thrown, including to the President, are inexcusable. She is an absolute disgrace to the US as well as her own country. Instead of talking about her inappropriate behavior and insatiable need for attention and power, Congress should DO SOMETHING about it. Get her out of the House of Representatives and do not give her a platform to spew her poison on US citizens!!

  22. She is a radical islamist and was voted in by all the Koran toting Muslims from Somalia that Osama bin Obama resettled in Minnesota. They are trying and slowly succeeding in a slow take over of America using any means possible. BEWARE!

  23. Blackhawk down, enough said. Omar deserves a flight back to Somalia along with her brother husband. Her and that nitwit Ocasio deserve eachother.

  24. She is a product of the liberal churches and politicals of Minnesota. Minnesota is probably the most liberal state in the union. I live here but would never vote for someone of her ilk. She is like all other Muslims…She hates America and has ties to Hamas and other terrorist people…In my opinion anyway… please don’t hate all Minnesotans. We are legions of conservatives who for the most part can’t get our asses out to vote and take back our state.

  25. This dispicible woman is a disgrace to America and a black eye to Congress and our government. She is a fraud and angry bitch and needs to be quickly put in her place where she came from! It makes me furious to see how she thinks she can talk to and about everyone like we owe her something! She is bitter a muslim and isn’t the judge and jury of anything and thinks she is. I could care less what her opinions are and as Americans we shouldn’t have to put up with such people. They are poison to America!! She isn’t welcome here!!! It is obvious she has a chip on her shoulder and is a liar and crook to marry her brother claiming he is her husband, all so he can take advantage of America too and get his education here. She should be ousted and her citizenship revoked immediately!! Not allowed to be a part of any important government committee with her attitude and opinions. She has no business in the Congress and they should be scared as hell of her and the dangers she represents!!!

    • Omar’s brother had already in granted asylum in the UK but she wanted her brother to come here for the education so she married him and they both have different last names because Omah is not her real name that is the name of the family that brought her into the us as a refugee she is not home so many lies corruptible things she’s done and said her citizenship can be revoked and I pray to God they ship her ass out of the u.s. before the American people take this crazy woman into their own hands

  26. This Muslim bitch sounds like a younger Kamala Harris. We certainly don’t need any other tough girls in Congress to make them look any worse than they are. She is illegally a citizen and married to her own bother for his free education. What a joke on America and the Congress. She needs to be put in her place quickly or put her out!! She is dangerous and thinks she is the judge and jury. Insulting and defensive! If I was a liar and crook I would be too! She likes to intimidate and control people and be disrespectful. Send her back to her country and let her mouth off and see what happens to her!!

  27. My family are Scandinavian immigrants who pioneered Minn in the early 1900s. They wanted too assimilate into American culture and believes. Learning too speak English and becoming Patriots. Im ashamed of how many leftist have taken over MINN.

  28. When President Trump was elected I knew our GOD had not forgotten America and Americans. i thank our GOD, JEHOVAH YHWH SUPREME SPIRIT. Whatever you choose too called GOD. ALLAH, whats in a name. There IS only one GOD and those of us who worship GOD know this in their Spiritual Consciousness. CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS is sublime. The Muslim people are intelligent and educated. i have a hard time believing they live in a theocracy that allows terrorist too follow these Imams too their deaths. there are no virgins in the Koran. GOD is watching and their is no doubt in my mind that a Democratic Republic like America will overcome these leftist socialist and continue as a free place where we can all come together one day too be the light in the world for Freedom, Liberty and the pursuit of a life of prosperity for our children and their future for all humanity

  29. She does need to have her citizenship revoked as she committed Perjury to obtain it. She no more wants to uphold the US Constitution or be part of the American way of life as any other radical Muslim who believes in Sharia Law. She is a stain on her District in Mn. and in Congress. She needs to be arrested and tried for incest and fraud concerning her marriage to her blood related brother in order to get him into this Country.

  30. What can we expect from an Obama refugee plant. He hares America, so it is n o t surprising that she does too.
    Her action, anti semanticism and rude behavior certainly does not endear her to the American people.

  31. This is my opinion. It is a free speech country. Just because you don’t like it does not mean it is wrong.
    You site is really tolerant of differing opinions.

  32. I hope this idiot has body guards She will need them if she continues running her fat mouth. I am serious there are hard core American people who will not put up with her attacks. She needs to be sent home. She is not representing her constituents she is only concerned about Somalia Hamas and hating the American people in general. Omar is a very sick individual. This the type of individual who you would want have a gun. Ain’t this a bitch we have a person in our government that you would be afraid to allow to have a gun. I do not have much faith in the voters of Minnesota with this maniac and Al Franken. Maybe we could trade Minnesota to Canada for British Columbia?

  33. Ilham Omar should be stripped of her citizenship and deported back to Somalia. We know she has broken laws and committed fraud. Is she really the best and brightest Minnesotans had to choose for their congressman?

  34. This woman is despicable. She constantly spews hatred. If she is a reflection of the people that elected her, they are all a disgrace to the America that let them into this country. The people in her district should be publicly up in arms over her behavior. But, to my knowledge, they are not. She reinforces my conviction that no more Muslims should be allowed to migrate to America. The European experience reflects my concern. It is about time the moderate Muslims sound off and make their voice heard clearly in this country.


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