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The fact that this woman lacks such a fundamental knowledge of American history is downright shameful.

According to the Washington Examiner, Rep. Ilhan Omar made a fool of herself on Twitter when she asked, “Have we ever had an impeached President, deliver the State of the Union address while he is on trial in the Senate? Given the audience in the room will be both his prosecutors and jurors on said trial.”

It doesn’t take a historian to know pretty easily that the answer is Bill Clinton and twitter users quickly reminded her of it, one person saying “Have we ever had Google?” You can read the full details of this story here.



  1. SERIOUSLY, does IO opening her big racist, moronic, leftist, anti-American, uneducated terrorist mouth and spewing nothing but lies and hate SURPRISE ANYONE? I THINK NOT. She hates everything about America including AMERICANS SO WHAT I SAY TO HER IS SHUT UP AND GO SOMEWHERE THAT CAN MAKE YOUR HATE FILLED SELF HAPPY………………………….FAR FAR AWAY FROM AMERICA. The best place in the world except where ever Io is.

  2. The idiots and imbeciles that voted for this moron probably have no clue either. Some probably do not know who Bill Clinton was, except as Mr. Hillary. And, if they do know he was impeached they “believe” that it was because of Monica and not because he lied to a Grand Jury. Public education in the United States of America sucks. Home school your children. Hopefully they will be smart enough to not vote for a Democrat. KAG 2020

  3. There is no question, this mush-head should be stripped of her illegally gained American citizenship and be, immediately, deported back to Syria and never allowed to return!

  4. And she is in our Congress? People like Omar are the reason American are not wanting Muslims allowed into the U.S. They are supposed to come here to become American, not convert Americans to Muslims. We expect them to accept our ways, not the other way around. Get rid of the Muslim dress.

  5. Well I guess your “political Correctness” dictates that you have to believe what this Mu-Slime tells you…Or her news media gets to call you vile names…right?


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