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With the Mueller report concluded and clearing President Donald Trump, former FBI Director James Comey is forced to confront the reality that it may be his turn to be in the crosshairs. 

During an interview with Christiane Amanpour on CNN, former FBI Director James Comey spoke out in response to Trump calling for an investigation into how the Mueller probe got started. 

“I don’t fear it personally. I fear it as a citizen,” Comey claimed. “Right? Investigate what? Investigate that investigations were conducted? What would be the crime you’d be investigating? So it’s a terrible cycle to start.”

I probably would be terrible, if you happen to be one of the main individuals responsible for beginning the treasonous investigation. 

Speaking to reporters gathered at the White House, Trump said, “I hope they now go and take a look at the origins of the investigation, the beginnings of the investigation,” before adding, “You look at the origin of the investigation, where it started, how it started, who started it.”

Comey was probably unnerved when Trump implicated the former FBI director by name. “Whether it‘s [former FBI Deputy Cirector Andrew] McCabe or Comey or a lot of them, where does it go? How high up in the White House did it go?” Trump asked.

Currenty Comey keeping up his bravado about the situation challenging opponents to question him. “Me, personally, ask me questions,” Comey said. “Go ahead. I would like to answer them in the daylight, if I could.”

Well see how long the bluster lasts when an investigation actually begins. 




      That Durham Report will have
      They are already blaming each other and calling each other Liars!!!!!1

  1. Comey really said it would be BAD to start an investigation WITHOUT EVIDENCE??? Isn’t that what’s been going on for the LAST 2 YEARS??? Great HE passed notes from a TRUMP meeting to a “FRIEND” to START the investigation!!!! The ENTIRE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION needs JAIL TIME!!

  2. James Comey will soon have a new bunkmate – and it won’t be his wife.

    If there is any justice in America the same is in the offing for John Brennan, James Clapper, Andrew McCabe, Loretta Lynch, Peter Strzok and perhaps Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and even Barack Hussein Obama. We damned near lost our country. Prison for all of them.

    • They all say exactly what President Nixon said in the past: “I’m no CROOK !!!”
      What happened to Nixon AFTER he arrogantly PROCLAIMED this FAKE STATEMENT? (The first fake news?)
      Of course, attempting to destroy AMERICA, the COUNTRY Americans built during a 400 year period
      since landing on Cape Cod in 1620 is much more severe! The punishment must fit the CRIMES against
      Humanity = We American People! The crimes relate to American Groups against all Americans.
      These multiple severe CRIMES against Americans makes Putin look like a simple bumbling Military Man
      according to the way these printed stories are being alleged.

  3. Don’t be too hard on Saint James Comey. If it wasn’t for him announcing reopening of criminal investigation against inferior-gender feminist-goof national-security-endangering Hillarius, she would be President now.

  4. It is too late to advise James Comey to be careful what he wishes for because an investigation is what he will get and he better make contemporaneous notes so he can remember what he has said, written, prior to and during the hearings otherwise he will definitely perjure himself and find himself in jail!

    • yes but in this case it is not a witch hunt they have more than enough evidence who what when ware it all got started I have payed close attention to all of it. and it is not just the dems the rino’s had just as much to do with it for letting it happen

  5. Amen to the above. The Republicans had better get a spine here because we are sick of the cow towing to the left. DRAIN THE SWAMP BOTH SIDES…..ALL OF IT……AND FAST. Our patience is spent! Also deport Soros
    for the same reasons as Jakiw Palij.

    • Amen! So tired of weak Republicans who NEVER speak out against legitimate injustice from the left. It’s time for unopposed lying Dem’s who are actually guilty of the very thing they accuse Trump of doing(hiring dossier and colluding with Russia) to be held accountable for their deceitfulness actions.
      Also mind numbing is how Dems have been getting away with their constant assault against conservative America, our laws, and the constitution, all while spreading the false hope of a socialistic utopia with the help of the liberal press, Hollywood, and literally every TV show in order to brainwash our youth. The silent majority better WAKE UP and be as OUT SPOKEN as we demand sideline Republicans to be.

  6. Comey is a snake. A lot of blame lies with him. Why did he not investigate Hilary among others? The democrats are on a fast track to ruin our country. The world used to. Look up to us, now they laugh at us. Countries should pay their share for defense. Trump has got that started. We all should support level trade deficits. China would go to war with us in a heartbeat if they had anyone else to sell their inferior crap to. Look at the quality of the tools sold by harbor freights, all pretty much made in China. Just one example. Check out how long the flooring made in China lasts. Look at the junk in the dollar stores, read the label made in China. If you love your freedom, if you love your country, if you do not want to be a large third world country, do not vote another democrat in to office. Support Trump. I know he has a less than magnificant personality and he exaggerates, but he is doing good things for our country. Republicans in our government should support him 100 percent. Do not elect another democrat to office at any level.

  7. The hypocrisy by Comey, Obama, HRC, Schiff, Holder, Pelosi,Nadler, and the rest of the Criminal Organization DNC is off the charts! HRC, trying to use a fake Dossier to remove Trump from office, after she, and BHO, rigged their own party’s Presidential nomination election!
    Knowingly presenting a false Dossier to a FISA Judge to obtain a warrant to spy on Republicans, and the DNC knew it, they know it now, and Schiff keeps going! It is the most pathetic fiasco in our political history, these buffoons, are the new, DNC! They should feel humiliated, but they’re either too stupid to realize it, or they have been turned-over, to reprobate minds! I’m guessing a little of both! HRC shouldn’t have been running for POTUS representing the DNC, it was Bernie’s Nomination! They all know it, and yet they continue to act!

  8. President Trump could have a News conference, bring in all the networks, paint a tree red, before all eyes, and the DNC, would say its blue, and their insane voters would agree!
    Politicians swear an Oath of Office, to defend, the Constitution, nowhere in the swearing in part, does it include changing the Constitution to help the DNC, or RNC, stay in power!
    Nowhere in the swearing in does it say, confiscate citizens guns! Nowhere does it say if you are a Democrat Socialists of America member, you follow our, rewritten- Constitution! It is cut & dry!

  9. There are numerous acts of Treason by the DNC in the past 12 years! Beginning with the DNC knowingly supporting an ineligible candidate for POTUS! Obama could have been born on the White House lawn, and still be ineligible! The DNC acts as if the Constitution were merely a formality, tradition, some sort of meaningless ritual, that is, until it benefits them!

  10. The fact that the proof, of the Treasonous acts, have been known, for over a decade, behind that door, where they can ignore it, is the frightening part! That is the main-“Collusion!”

  11. None of them deserves any jail time. For Treason at a Military Tribunal they will get a Death Sentence and they all do deserve that. If you let them live and NOT make an Example of this MOB then it is likely to be repeated and or they will get their shit stories published and go down in history. EXTERMINATE ALL OF THEM.

  12. Comey is sooooo busted! He, Clapper and Brennan all broke the laws concerning the Wood’s Procedures.. each one of them are declaring it was necessary, not unusual to utilize a Secret Court system for political purposes… We will hear ‘I was misled… “I was misinformed… all the usual excuses.. but only if Barr gets investigations started will anybody be held responsible as the IG is virtually useless= any findings are only good for Congress people to blab about, and Congress is essentially useless on any sense of Criminal Punishment.


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