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Fake news is a plague on our society. However, the extent to which they are willing to go to defend foolish far left ideas is unbelievable!

The mainstream media is now running damage control for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and the rest of the “Green New Deal” authors, after they suffered a major embarrassment involving an “FAQ” on the GND that appears to show the real intent behind the “landmark” piece of environmental legislation: turning the United States into a socialist paradise.

Saturday, Ocasio-Cortez and her advisers began running a full-scale operation to distract and deflect from criticism of the Green New Deal, suggesting first that conservatives had circulated a handful of “doctored” versions of her FAQ, and then, when that line of attack failed, that the posted FAQ, which suggested, among other things, a universal income even for those “unwilling” to work, was an irrelevant “early draft.”

But instead of laying the blame where it belonged — squarely at the feet of Ocasio-Cortez and her advisers, who clearly botched their own Green New Deal rollout — the media immediately blamed conservatives for “pouncing” on Ocasio-Cortez’s plan.

Business Insider provided the most egregious example, accusing conservatives of unfairly “attacking” Ocasio-Cortez for “accidentally” leaking a document posted to her website and delivered directly to several members of the news media.

Business Insider was ultimately forced to rewrite the headline and issue a new tweet after right-leaning reporters pointed out that the leak appeared to be far from “accidental.” Ocasio-Cortez’s team posted the FAQ to the congresswoman’s official website, and members of her press team sent a pitch containing the FAQ to a number of high-profile media outlets, including National Public Radio, which posted the document in full on its website as soon as the congresswoman’s embargo on the material lifted.

The Hill also denied Ocasio-Cortez’s failure, claiming the congresswoman was “forced to clarify” the precepts of her Green New Deal after concerns over everything from the document’s prohibition of domestic air travel, to its proposed extensive overhaul of the American financial system, ending with a universal guaranteed income, universal health care, and a multi-trillion-dollar entitlement program.

Even The Washington Post, which could not deny that the FAQ appeared in multiple outlets on Thursday and Friday, tried to sow skepticism about the document’s validity, calling the sheet a “mystery.”

At no point was the sheet a “mystery.” It came directly from Ocasio-Cortez’s office. But the mainstream media appears not simply unwilling to admit the congresswoman’s mistake — or, even, perhaps, the full intent of the Green New Deal itself — but that Americans might have been shocked at the official piece of legislation, and not merely a conservative rewrite.

Ultimately, Ocasio-Cortez and her advisers took partial blame for the document, claiming it was merely a “draft” FAQ that was posted and sent to reporters by mistake. They have promised a more accurate rundown of the Green New Deal legislation.




  1. The fake news in America needs to be halted! They are not fulfilling the mandate of the constitution! The purpose of the free press is to up lift America, not to defend the enimies of our nation! That is what Cortez and the other socialist are! I don’t think Cortez is smart enough to know what it is she stands for. The problem is she appeals to the portion of our society that thinks(if that’s what you call it)like her!

    • Where ever she crawled out must be a very low environment She hates all people who made much money by working hard and take Risks. She is the real example of the Free loaders in this Country.Get here out of circulation.

  2. If you want an inexperienced, ill-prepared individual with limited congressional knowledge, then Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is your candidate. It is not our responsibility to train people for significant government positions. It is our responsibility to elect QUALIFIED individuals who have contributed to the benefit of all Americans (regrdless of party) and can be effective on the first day of taking office. If you think otherwise then be prepared to pay the price.

  3. The democrats new green deal will force everyone in this country into poverty except maybe the uber rich and crooked politicians. In plain talk we will all be slaves to the government. Her plan will see riots in the streets and good honest working citizens gunned down by power hungry politicians. The American people that are patriots will go to war to stop it. All except the shiftless, lazy people who will be their puppets.

    • We, the United States should lead the world, not follow. So we should reduce our use of fossil fuels and try to “shoot for the moon” as we have done in the past and go to 100% renewable energy as soon as possible.
      Synthetic fuels can replace gasoline in transportation.

  4. As usual lies, lies from the fake news trying whatever they can to protect the lame brain demoasses. This oak as you call her has no idea, she spews crap from her mouth and has no way to back up what she is saying. She wants all aurpkanes to not be but wants tracks and bridges built over the seas for all to travel on from sea to shining sea. Now she wants Medicare for all. How will she pay for this? Of course raising taxes and making more money. Medicare fir all is not the way. First off people receiving Medicare paid for this in all the 30 to 40 years they worked taking this out of their pay every check. So no, Medicare is not a free e like Medicaid. Also Idont think you will find many taxpayers willing to pay for deadbeats who dont want to work like you propose. Maybe before you spew such crap you will learn more about what you are proposing before you speak out. You were not ready for Congress and you will more than likely be voted out with your extreme promises and proposals.

  5. A ‘fair-minded’ person like me cannot imagine the agenda of the main-stream media. Where have common-sense, truth and patriotism gone? Journalists from these organisations do not report anymore, they editorialise; sadly the anti-Trump element of the population is so enraged, that it refuses to use its own mind, common-sense, or approach to fairness. So help us God!

  6. The truth is:Ocasio-Cortezis an idiot. She is promoting ideas that just do not work. Every country that has tried socialism has gone bankrupt or the people riot and revolt.
    Look at Venezuela or others.
    At the very least, she should read a political science textbook or go back to school and not skip class.

  7. It’s amazing to me the things public representatives especially news reporters can say and get away with (untrue statements). I think It’s because of the fake News not being held accountable to what they report. They can say and or do anything they want and it’s all Ok. They can can make small minor adjustments to the previous comments and it all ok now. But the damage is done. I’m 60′ years old and can remember if the news said it, you can count on it to be a true fact. I think if its said in public, broadcast written In the media it must be absolutely true. No undocumented slanders allowed. The ownes of the station and the reporters should be held liable including personal liability sued for slander, subjected to suspension eventually if it continues loss of licenses for any further broadcasting. After making an example out of a few of them all this fake news will stop and we can trust the media and our polititions again.

  8. Of course they are defending the moron. She a de.ocrat, they are Democrat and they dont want her spilling thr beans about the sex party they were all at together. There is nothing honest coming out of most news networks. They are all just socialist garbage. I wonder how the socialists think they are going to get food and service after they give out free housing. Free food, free health insurance, free phones, free school, and free public transportation. Everyone is going to be home smoking dope so who is going to do any of the healthcare, food distributing, phone mailing, etc that you want done? And how about compensation for all the pollocks sold as slaves to the muslins by the Vikings. Why isn’t the USA forcing Russia, Sweden. Denmark, and Finland to pay up? Hey Democrats get this outrage handled

  9. What is news, answer it’s what the journo wants it to be and what the editor approves. The journo needs people that are animated and creating controversy with words or actions.

  10. It doesn’t matter what number the draft was, IT IS SOCIALISM! These IDIOTS couldn’t and shouldn’t even run a lemonaids stand! Not here in America unless they want to see a full scale War against them and thier brain dead moron followers!

  11. If the people buy this pile of B***, they deserve what they get. This woman is a pure SOCIALIST (What we mistakenly called a Communist a few years back) What we called Communism was, in fact and practice, nothing more than pure Socialism. As we focused on fighting “Communism,” the Socialist movement crept into place, poisoned the minds of the American public, through the many media outlets, like news, TV, entertainment, and the like. WAKE UP AMERICA. We are a melting pot of cultural concepts but one which was made up of people who wanted to be Americans FIRST. Today we are deliberately divided by those who want America to fail as a free, capitalist nation and want it to be a Socialist state run by an elite group who think they know what is best for each person, (as long as it keeps them in power). When one wishes to drain the swamp of these Socialist, globalists, they will stop at nothing to prevent them from succeeding.

  12. the far left leaning Liberal media is just a mouthpiece for the Democratic party. They cannot allow their chosen rising star Orcasio-Cortez to be embarrassed, regardless of how ill conceived her plans, ideas, and thoughts are.

    It is enough, that she’s an attractive, young woman, dresses well, and tries to act like she belongs. Almost like Cinderella at the ball. The clock will strike 12, and she’ll eventually be back at the bar, the next few times she does something to embarrass Pelosi and the Democrat party brokers. They tried to conceal their anger by saying ” but we welcome all kinds of excitment”….apparently even dumb…..but then again when you look at Congress….and I’ll say both parties, it is very easy to see them claim accomplishment from just activity…witness all the panels, and inquiries, and Czars…..none of which ever seem to ACCOMPLISH anything other than lots of self service babbeling,and wasting our hard earned tax payer dollars.

  13. Ocrazio-kotex is on a 24/7 cerebral menstruation period! She is certainly not the “sharpest knife in the draw”…she has no clue she is being used by a plethora of “heartless whores.”

  14. Eell, in my years of experience, I have found that most stories have a basis of truth, even the tabloids like national Enquirer and the Sun. Thier stories seem so far fetched and clearly fake only to find out later that hey, they were right.. I guess it wasn’t so far fetched as I thought. When you’re talking about reputable new centers like NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX(which is questionable due to their alligence) CNN, MSNBC, etc.. All these news platforms could not be speuing fake info. Let’s face it, Trump has been all over the place. If anyone is trying to confuse the public, it’s Trump. Personally, I wouldn’t trust and word out of his month.. The only fake news I would question is the stuff outta Trump’s mouth..

  15. What we need is an election day Purge where it’s open season on communist liberal socialist and all Democrats AKA Lock and Load the only way we’re going to get our country cleaned up and put back the way it’s supposed to be


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