Democrats, like political liberals in general, are the party of unintended consequences. Meaning that they do stuff with good intentions (so they say), but they don’t think about the long-term results of those actions. That’s why Democrat policies so often turn out horribly.

Truth be told, the reason that they’re Democrats is because they don’t think of the long-term consequences of their policies. If they did, they’d be political conservatives. But, I digress…

We’ve all seen how horrible those unintended consequences can be, but, occasionally, you come across a really strange one. This is one of those. Samuel Allegri writes,

An employee at a California mass vaccination site has been charged with grand theft for stealing 528 blank COVID-19 vaccine cards.

45-year-old Muhammad Rauf Ahmed from Las Vegas allegedly took the cards from the Pomona Fairplex site, according to police.

“On April 27, 2021 La Verne Police Detectives were notified about a possible theft/embezzlement of blank Covid-19 vaccine cards by an employee at the site,” La Verne Police stated.

“LVPD Detectives responded and determined that the suspect had stolen blank Covid-19 vaccine cards and put them in his car.”

Additional cards were found in the hotel where the non-clinical contracted employee was staying.

Allegri goes on to note that 528 blank vaccine cards were recovered from Ahmed, which means that Ahmed could have taken more than that.

Weird, right? Why would he want to take over 500 blank vaccine cards? The obvious answer is that Ahmed hoped to make money from the blank cards, but the deeper question is why he thought that people would buy blank cards.

I can’t say for sure, but it does make you wonder if Ahmed knows something that the Biden administration keeps denying, something about vaccine passports. That would be just like a leftist like Biden to lie about that, wouldn’t it?

What do you think: Are vaccine passports on the way, or was Ahmed just speculating with the blank vaccine cards? Tell us below.



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