Image credit: The Guardian

This is disturbing…

A top medical executive in Buffalo, New York has just been fired after being exposed for saying extremely hateful comments about Trump supporters.

According to the Washington Examiner, Laura Krolczyk, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center’s vice president for external affairs, was fired after screenshots surfaced of her telling another woman, “Trump supporters need to pledge to give up their ventilators for someone else … and not go to the hospital.”

The other woman Lisa LaTrovato, who also worked for the hospital said, “I think they should be the only ones in packed churches on Sunday.”

“They should barricade themselves in there and ride this out,” Krolczyk Added.

You can read the full details of this story here.



  1. New York has an incredible amount of ignorant Democrat liberals within its borders and they have managed to elect the worst political leader in history.

  2. Democrats are by far the most hateful people on earth, socialist…hey wait one minute the Nazi’s were also socialist…and the democrat party did invent the KKK…could be they are the enemies of a free united states…just saying?


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