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She is truly insane.

According to The Daily Wire, actress and famous Trump critic Alyssa Milano propounded a new plan to get Trump out of office much faster than any criminal trial: getting people to lie on their backs and recite the mantra “Believe in believing. The impossible is possible” and “we’d like to create a changing of the guard” for seven minutes a day.

Milano tweeted, “I need your help manifesting a change-of-guard in Washington. For 7 minutes a day, I’ll be chanting the following mantra: ‘Believe in believing. The impossible is possible.’ As I do this I’ll be thinking of the special world we want to create. JOIN ME. We’re stronger together.”

Milano added, “This is what I’m going to do starting tomorrow morning. JOIN ME. Upon waking, lay in shavasana (look it up), set your alarm for 7 minutes. Say this mantra: Believe in believing. The impossible is possible. And then out loud say, ‘we’d like to create a changing of the guard.’” You can read the full article here.



  1. A talentless CUNT, should keep her Fucken pie-hole shut……..she may be an actress, but knows nothing about business or running a country……….

  2. What in the hell is in the water out there that causes them to lose their minds. They elect leaders who are destroying their state then try to get rid of the one person who has made America Great Again??? Insanity..

  3. She is nothing. A mental ill Looney tune. Her husband just be a real loser to leave his children with her. Where’s child services, those children are endanger with a mother like her.

  4. She is a total idiot……… most hollywoods are!!!
    No one listens to these empty headed nimcompoops when they do their selfies and want press coverage.
    they are all so nothings.

  5. ALYSSA MILANO IS A NUTCASE. SHE THINKS CHANATING WILL GET RID OF THE PRESIDENT. WOW! WHAT PLANET IS SHE COMING FROM. SHE DOESNT EVEN WORK ANYMORE. SHE IS SO SICKLY INVOLVED WITH REMOVING trump. I know a lot of famous stars are goofy but she sure fits in the pail of despair. I was unaware of so many NUTCASES in Government there are. And Milano is crazy in her own right. She needs to take a rest. No one listens to her. She is, in the big scheme of things a” nothing.”


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