Big Tech has been complicit in covering up for Democrats like Joe Biden for years, now. This disgusting trend of dishonesty has extended to leftist rioters like BLM and Antifa and to open socialists.

And, if you weren’t aware of it, that “courtesy” has also been extended to the family members of Democrats and other leftists in government even when the same actions would have gotten a political conservative crucified, censored, and canceled.

Cancel culture is truly the culture of hypocrites.

And Twitter has one again shown that it is leading the way with that hypocrisy (hat tip to here for the lead). Andrew Kerr writes,

Twitter took no action on a ProPublica story published Tuesday based on the “illegal” leak of confidential tax information of the nation’s wealthiest people that was shared widely on its platform.

Twitter’s inaction on the tax leak story comes after the social media network outright blocked users in the run-up to the 2020 election from sharing a New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop for violating its Hacked Materials Policy, despite there being no evidence that the Post obtained the laptop as a result of a hack.

Both White House press secretary Jen Psaki and Treasury Department spokeswoman Lily Adams said the unauthorized disclosure of tax records to ProPublica was “illegal” and that the matter had been referred to federal authorities for investigation.

Twitter did not return a request for comment asking if ProPublica’s story violated its Hacked Materials Policy.

Twitter defines hacked materials as any information “accessed legitimately outside of approved systems or networks,” or any materials “where there is evidence that they were obtained through malware or social engineering.”

ProPublica did not disclose how it obtained 15 years’ of tax returns for thousands of the nation’s wealthiest people, however, the outlet said obtained the data in its “raw form, with no conditions or conclusions.”

The hypocrisy of Jack Dorsey and his company, Twitter, staggers the imagination. Even when called out on it, they continue to put forth a double standard to discriminate in favor of leftists and against anyone even slightly right of uber liberal Mother Jones magazine. The lawsuits against this company should be stacking up at any time, now.



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