Hidden Assault On Religious Liberty Uncovered…

“Senator James Lankford from Oklahoma recently spoke out about the vital importance of religious liberty in an interview with the Daily Mail. Drawing from his own faith and experience as a minister, Lankford stressed the need to protect the freedom to live and practice one’s faith openly.

According to Lankford, religious liberty encompasses more than mere freedom of worship; it includes the ability to embrace and live out one’s religious beliefs. Unfortunately, the Biden administration has fallen short in upholding these crucial protections.

Lankford highlighted a troubling case involving the University of Vermont Medical Center, where a nurse with objections to participating in an elective abortion was still assigned to the procedure. Despite clear legal safeguards, the Biden administration failed to intervene, disregarding the nurse’s conscience rights.

The senator also predicts that abortion will be a significant issue in the upcoming 2024 presidential election. He raises important questions about the value we place on every child’s life and whether we believe all children are deserving of protection.

Senator James Lankford’s unwavering commitment to religious liberty and his bold stance against the erosion of conscience rights deserve our support. We must rally behind leaders like him who prioritize these fundamental freedoms. Our religious freedom is a cornerstone of American values, and we must elect representatives who will tirelessly defend it.

Let us unite as Republican voters and stand with Senator Lankford in safeguarding our religious liberty. Together, we can ensure that all Americans can freely live out their faith and express their beliefs without fear of infringement. It is through our collective voice and unwavering commitment that we can shape a future where religious freedom remains a cherished cornerstone of our nation.”

Source Fox News