Hawaii Fire Rages On: Biden’s Silence Proves ‘Words Don’t Matter’ to Democrats

The devastating fire in Hawaii continues to rage on, destroying homes and affecting countless lives. And what has President Biden had to say about this tragedy? Nothing. His silence is a chilling reminder that to Democrats, “”words don’t matter.””

In a stunning display of indifference, President Biden has failed to acknowledge or address the disaster in Hawaii. His strategists are quick to insist that he’s a “”nice person,”” but his lack of empathy and engagement tells a different story.

While the Democrats continue to push their political agenda, Americans in Hawaii are suffering. A true leader would stand in solidarity with the victims, offering support and guidance. But President Biden’s silence is deafening.

The claim that his words “”don’t matter”” is a disgraceful dismissal of the power of leadership and the responsibility that comes with holding the highest office in the land. Words do matter. They have the power to heal, unite, and inspire.

By ignoring the crisis in Hawaii, President Biden has demonstrated a failure of leadership and a complete disregard for the very people he was elected to serve. It’s time for him to step up and show that he is truly a “”nice person”” by taking action and proving that words do matter.

Source Fox News