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He has no idea what he’s talking about…

Recently on CNN’s “OutFront,” Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker (D) claimed that he’s “given up” receiving help with COVID-19 testing from the government and his state is “doing what we need to do despite” getting President Trump’s help.

According to Breitbart, while discussing testing, Pritzker stated, “We’ve gotten very little help from the federal government. It’s fine. I’ve given up on any promises that have been made. I hope something will get delivered from the federal government, but I don’t expect it anymore.”

He then said, President Trump is “near irrelevant when it comes to this question of testing, anyway.”

You can watch a clip of Pritzker’s comments here.



  1. I am so sick of democrap’s and their hate mongering. We need to get ride of them so this country can truly band together and defeat the enemies at our door. But first we have to kick out the enemies that have forced their way into our country. I know some enemies were born here and then brain washed into being our enemy. If we want to stay free and keep our constitution we have to defeat this socialist/communist movement called the blue wave.

  2. This Gov. is a total idiot.. We can’t wait until his election time and also the other idiot Lightfoot. They will both be gone from the “great” state of Illinois. Pritzker spends his weekends normally in Wisconsin and Florida. He should go to south chicago to see the activities for the weekend. Lightfoot has the whole block covered with the chicago police for her own protection.


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