Propaganda. Sadly, we see it everywhere in our culture, though, most people on the left (and some on the right, too, to be fair) don’t recognize it for what it is: untruths put out there for the purpose of persuading people.

Some may say that’s just advertising, and, while there can be truth to that accusation, propaganda tends to be about political figures and policy positions.

So, of course, you would expect those with the most experience in controlling their people to be the best at creating and spouting propaganda. Now, though, Americans may be the ones who are exposed to the propaganda from a different country. Eva Fu writes,

As Beijing gears up for a major charm offensive to endear the West, expect no genuine change from the Chinese Communist Party—only “more cunning,” analysts warn.

In late May, Chinese leader Xi Jinping convened a “study session,” telling top communist officials to make it a priority to create a “trustworthy, lovable, and respectable Chinese image.”

That, according to Xi, requires them to “widen their circle of friends,” “win over the majority,” and “pay attention to the strategy and art of narrative warfare” so that on key issues they can make themselves heard. They must set the tone right to present themselves as both “open and confident, yet modest and humble,” said Xi.

This type of propaganda is not new, especially in other countries, but in the U.S.? We only expect that from Democrats and RINOs, right?

Still, we would be wise to treat this with caution. Fu continues:

But Hua Po, a Beijing-based political analyst, cautioned that Chinese diplomats are unlikely to abandon their fiery rhetoric any time soon.

While Xi’s call for modesty and humility might seemingly contradict their aggressive style, to the regime it is only “a matter of strategy,” said Hua.

“The so-called humility is just a tactic. You want to be a bit more tactful in some areas, such as promoting Chinese culture, so it’s easier for people to accept [the propaganda].”

But underlying this strategy, the goal is still the same: the regime “won’t back down from its fight for discourse power” with the West, Hua said, referring to Xi’s desire to control public discussion all over the world.

In other words, the Chinese Communist Party still wants to rule the world. Keep your guard up.



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