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He hilariously has picked them apart.

Recently, Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp mocked a plethora of celebrities threatening to boycott the state over its new abortion law.

Celebrities like Alyssa Milano and Alec Baldwin have spoken out against the law and signed multiple letters of protest to demand that the state abandons the heartbeat bill.

Kemp refused to be threatened and signed the bill into law.

Kemp acknowledged the controversy the new law caused for leftists and liberals and openly mocked celebrities pushing for a statewide boycott.

“I understand that some folks don’t like this new law,” he said. “I’m fine with that. We’re elected to do what’s right — and standing up for precious life is always the right thing to do.”

Kemp specifically pinpointed celebrities in his defense of the new law. He pointed out that the Republican Party is the “party of freedom and opportunity,” Kemp also stated that he will continue doing what’s right.

“We value and protect innocent life,” he said, “even though that makes C-list celebrities squawk.”

Other entertainers who have voiced their support of a boycott include Mia Farrow, Ben Stiller, Don Cheadle, Sean Penn, Kerry Washington, and more.

Later, the governor added, “We fought every liberal activist in the country – and we won. And I’ll say it again for the folks in the back of the room: we won. But make no mistake, we cannot rest on our laurels. We have to double down and do it again.”

Lauren Groh-Wargo, the governor’s top aide, also added that Kemp isn’t concerned over Hollywood businesses pulling production from Georgia.

“[He] literally does not care if the film industry leaves Georgia,” she said. “The only way to stop these men is to permanently take away their power.”

Kemp also took aim at the left in general and said that the time to fight is still nigh.

“I still believe our best days are ahead in this great state,” he said. “Folks, this is a battleground state in 2020. And it’s time to hunker down and fight. The left is angry, they’re radical and they’re ridiculous.”



  1. I love it. Who needs celebrities? They are NOTHING!!!!!! Love a man that doesn’t shake in his boots when a bunch of used up misfit cupcakes start screaming and crying. Love to see them cry and scream……real entertainment.

    • Exactly! Dumb celebrities. These idiot’s are showing their true ugly color. I stand against Hollywood and these delusional babies. Socialist/communist lovers want to destroy America. Keep standing up for the unborn and their bodies. Whether it’s tiny and not develop….we are all alive and kicking outside the womb. Give then a chance.

  2. The way to win a war is not to outshoot the opposition. The way to win a war is to take away the opposition’s ammunition. This is what Gov. Kemp did when he let them know that he doesn’t care what they do with their movie industry in GA. Immediately their power and threats evaporated

  3. Right on! Let the so called Hollywood elites go elsewhere. We don’t need them trying to boss us around.
    I don’t go to their movies anyway. I don’t think the state will be bothered that they don’t want to make their
    movies here. All of the “stars” they have mentioned aren’t very well known. I have never seen them in a film.
    No big loss.

  4. No one elected these washes up, drug and or alcoholic butt sniffers to any political office. All you Hollywood stars that was going to leave if Trump got elected are still here. Just another damn lie!!!!! Please leave you can be replaced . I’m sure someone has an old fruitcake leftover from Christmas to take your place🎉🎉

  5. Hooray and hooray!! How can anybody feel bad for fighting over a beating heart?? I know we have to argue over viability outside of the womb but when an ob/gyn hears two heart beats what are reasonable people supposed to think?

  6. About time more conservatives stand their ground. The Catholic boy in DC was an inspiration to us all. He did not say a word but also did not move to let the Indian walk over him. I hope he wins his lawsuit.

  7. These “celebrities” are stamping their little feet to have us understand that THEY set the rules.
    If they can read lines to a camera and get well paid to do it, they own the world and invariably turn into political soothsayers.
    What a bunch of conceited sorry socialist bastards.

  8. I’m not a resident of your state Gov Kemp, but I am sooo proud of you and your convictions concerning the protection of the unborn. I pray that more republicans man up and do the “right thing”. I also pray that the democrat party find their way back to reality.

  9. I am glad that he put the “Celebrities ” in their place. These people better realize that the big bucks they are making is due to the people who watch them in movies, TV, and stage and a boycott can work two ways.

    I for one think that most of these people are not worth what they are paid.

    • Mr. Governor, I commend you for that and for telling it as it is! It is about time someone is putting the free-talent ones in their place.

  10. None Of these PATHETIC CELEBRITIES have never ever NONE a honest days work in their life’s .. And they think that everyone and everybody
    owes them for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING !! I have not been to SHOW in over
    FORTY FIVE YEARS .. Because they are all WORTHLESS PIECES OF JUNK !!
    And there isn’t a Celebrity that’s worth a hill of BEANS ..

  11. This works BOTH ways for you Hollywood whiners.
    You vow to stay out of Georgia (and they probably appreciate that)

    WE have choices too. I vow to never watch any entertainer who boycotts Georgia.

  12. Governor Kemp….one of the very few governors who has a spine, and uses it to protect the innocent. SCREW HOLLYWOOD MURDERERS.

  13. Seriously , The Democrats are making Fool’s out of themselves every time they open there mouth’s . It’s unreal . TRUMP 20/20 MAGA . I HATE BETTE Milder , Ugly washed up Bitch ! Finish the Wall


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