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The MLB made a major mistake.

Recently on Fox Business, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) knocked some sense into Major League Baseball after they chose to move their All-Star game from Atlanta to Denver. Kemp claimed they took away opportunities from the city of Atlanta which was 51% black and moved it to a much whiter city.

According to Breitbart, Kemp stated, “[T]his action is screwing the little guy. The people that would have profited from the baseball game being here that got pubs and restaurants around the stadium, the Uber drivers, and that whole economy where that dollar turns, and now, they’re taking something away from a metro Atlanta population in metro area population that’s 51% African American and taking it to Denver where it’s 9 or 10%. I mean, none of this makes any sense is why people are so mad.”

You can watch a clip of Kemp’s comments here.

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  1. No one supports racist Kemp except other UnAmerican racist radicals.
    All good patriots will cheer when his Jim Crow bs gets shot down by the courts.


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