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Trump has had enough!

According to Daily Caller, President Donald Trump called Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi the most overrated person he knows, after calling her out for not quickly moving forward with the articles of impeachment.

“Remember when Pelosi was screaming that President Trump is a danger to our nation and we must move quickly. They didn’t get one Republican House vote, and lost 3 Dems,” Trump tweeted. “They produced no case so now she doesn’t want to go to the Senate. She’s all lies. Most overrated person I know!,” he continued.

Trump’s comments come after he has previously praised Pelosi, saying they have a “great relationship” in 2018 and in 2008 evTen calling her “impressive,” adding “I like her a lot,” HuffPost reported. You can read the full article here.



  1. There is no impeachment until Pelosi presents the article of impeachment to Mitch and he begins Senate proceedings. She knows when the Dems don’t have a single impeachment worthy item in the House documents. She knows that at first when all is revealed they will be laughing stocks and then massive numbers of people will be angry when they realize for over three years the Dems have been engaged in a partisan witch hunt coup plot at tax payer expense and not achieved a productive or constructive thing to earn the wages and benefits we tax payers provide them. Congress is not there to serve the Democrat Party despite what some arrogant self serving members might think. Congress serves at the leisure of the people as a service to the people and the nation as a whole. Looks like the DEms need to be reminded this at the polls in November.

  2. so when is Biden’s son and Pelosi’s son going to be brought up on charges? just get this impeachment over with. go after the ones that deserve to be impeached.


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