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This one has to hurt.

According to The Daily Wire, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy grilled White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki about the timing of coronavirus restrictions.

Doocy asked, “There are a lot of questions about the timing of the CDC’s announcement yesterday. So, did somebody at the Biden administration or in the Biden administration update this guidance for political reasons?”

Psaki said, “Well, I know that Dr. Walensky did an extensive number of interviews yesterday to answer exactly that question.”

Doocy said, “But just looking at the CDC’s website on the way up here, only 45.6 percent of U.S. adults have been fully vaccinated as of yesterday. Only 58.9 percent of the adult population had — has at least one dose.”

He added, “So, what happened to President Biden saying in March that he thought lifting mask mandates before every adult American goes and gets a shot is ‘Neanderthal thinking’?” You can read the full article here.

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