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This is how corrupt Fox news has become…

On Fox News, anchor Chris Wallace argued that the testimony of former special counsel Robert Mueller did not give President Donald Trump a “clean legal bill of health.”

Wallace said, “I hesitated the idea of saying the president should declare victory except in one narrow way that he should have, maybe the most important way. It certainly not like he got a clean legal bill of health yesterday. There were a lot of damaging facts that were related. And to the degree that he came forward and he didn’t often, but that Mueller did say some things that were negative about the president in terms of enumerating allegations in his report. But in the end, if you’re Donald Trump, there’s one question that you have to ask yourself — this is where it was a big victory for him —are you closer or further away of impeachment at the end of the day? Yesterday, which conceivably could have been a bad day for the president, you’d have to say impeachment was even more distant than it had been at the beginning of the day. So in that sense, it was a victory for the president. He doesn’t want to be impeached.”

He added, “It may have been also been a victory for Nancy Pelosi. She doesn’t want to expend the political capital to impeach the president. She said it was bad to hold on to their majority in November 2020.”



    • John Barnett……….We do the very same thing in our house. When Chris comes on, the TV channel get changed. That also goes for Juan Williams, Shep Smith, Jessica the Russian and Brett! Cavuto is not too good either. Now that FOX has changed and have way too many Liberals, these people are coming out of the so called closet! We will not watch anything dealing with the Liberal way of Life, if we wanted to watch the liberal crap we would watch CNN or MSNBC!

      • You should go to Newsmax TV if you’ve got Comcast Xfinity it’s Channel 1 1 1 5 I left box because of these idiots can’t trust them anymore Newsmax is great

      • Darlene , Our Family is doing the same . Juan Williams spent a lot of time visiting the White House when obama was in office . I remember seeing him on his phone leaving there on several occasions on t.v. I think he could even still be in touch and told how to push his agenda . I don’t doubt anything with the slimy left .

    • He is a Democrat, but I am calling you out for your false comment Mr Wallace. When Mueller returned from his break he corrected his response to Congressman Leiu and said that the OLC had not been a factor in reaching the reason that Trump was not indicted. I guess you either need your hearing checked or have your wax build up removed.

  1. Cris Wallace is he same kind of liberal pundit that his dad was. The rotten apple does not fall far from the tree.

    • C Wallace belongs on CNN or MSNBC with his liberal wife.

      Anytime I see Wallace on FOX, I change the station.

      Only reason CW got a journalist job was because of his father

    • I have moved to OANN this POS chris is not on my list to watch Fox have gone south DON’T give a shit about FOX Judge Jeannine is the only only one when you have Shep and some others don’t bent over

  2. Chris Wallace is definitely a DEMOCRAT. He lies just like those four hateful squad women. They clearly hate AMERICA. Anyone who defends the Illegal actions of Hillary, Obama, and other DEMOCRATS are just as CROOKED as they are. Paying for a fake dossier and spying on a candidate for President is the dirtiest, most criminal actions anyone can do. Throwing out hate and lies against our Country is treason. President Trump is right, if you don’t like AMERICA, you should leave. That is not RACIST to call haters of our Country out about their hate. They are BRAINDEAD in using the race card. In fact, they sound like they are the RACISTS themselves because they hate WHITE people.

  3. Ilhan Omar says we need to fear white men this black Refugee bitch should be sent back to Somalia it is the US law we can revoke her citizenship! Why is she not being charged with treason she is already revoked her oath of office she cares about Hamas Al-Qaeda in the Middle East she is not and never will be an American citizen she’s garbage dump her ass next year so hateful to this country and the American people get her ass out of our government along with her three musketeers! This is what happens when you allow foreigners into the u.s. they bring over all the relatives take over cities and towns and then both their own radical people into our government you should not be able to be in our government unless you all American Bond not a refugee are an immigrant vamanos illegal aliens are ruining this country it will be the downfall of the US if the Democrats get their way you can kiss your children’s future and your grandchildren’s future goodbye cuz refugees and illegal aliens will be running this country

  4. You are nothing but a piece of crap. Trying to make up for the remarks you made earlier in the day about how bad everything was for the Dems with Muller testimony and how good it was for Trump. Then Pelosi git up there and grave the order to her lower class media to make sure you go out there and spread the word, which you are now trying to do since you actually reported against the Dems yesterday. Too late you puppet. You already deemed the democrats losers. You don’t get a do over. We were actually shocked because you seem to be on the presidents winning side then the puppet master gave all the media the order. How does it feel to be her puppet to dance to her pulling of the strings?

  5. It is not the job of a prosecutor to reach a conclusion on guilt or innocence. His job is to investigate and present the facts to a grand jury, who has the power to indict, if THEY see the evidence as incriminating. And to state that Trump should be charged after he is out of office is ridiculous. The Attorney General and his assistant both determined that there was not sufficient evidence to charge Trump with obstruction. Do we live in la la land or what? I know Democrats do!

  6. Chris Wallace is the number one Fox token 100% Libertard. Have never watched his show. Never will. Like the rest of the Hidebeast Drones he can’t handle the truth and the truth is despite some serious election fraud committed by partisan left wing election officials Trump still beat Old Hillary like a rented Democrat Mule.

  7. The sound that you hear when Chris Wallace’s program comes on is everyone changing the channel. His biase and hatred for President Trump has completely consumed him. He could be the poster child for liberalism. He certainly not his father and never will be. Interesting that there’s never any outrage or even any discussion about the Russian dossier and the treasonous corruption that took place from Hillary Clinton, Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Lynch, and the rest of their gang. If anything, Wallace will never address that and he clearly covers it up.

  8. Chris Wallace along with the Socialist/Liberal/Demwits keep assigning powers to Robert Mueller to exenorate, which the Special Counsel or any prosecutor does not possess! They could no more exonerate President Trump than they could exonerate themselves from rampant stupidity!

  9. Who in Fox News needs enemies when they have “rino-friends”, such as those two back-stabbing wankers the likes of Chris Wallace or Shepp Smith ?. As for the disgraceful SPECTACLE given by Mr. Robert Mueller on National TV, just yesterday .. embarrassing as it was, Mr. Mueller made it more than clear that he was MIA when it came to who really conducted this (other scam) 100% democrat-run lynch-mob of desperate liars who after 2+years, are still trying to screw-up and frame POTUS Mr. Trump, for what is exactly the very crimes that the whole mafia of cheats, traitors, and crying deceitful cowards – the Democrats – committed. Having to work with back-stabbing rats like Chris Wallace and that other Smith turd, ought to be somewhat disturbing for the rest of the people working at Fox News. Why not just FIRE them 2, I’m positive CNN or MSNBC wilt hire them. After all .. “birds of the same feather shall fly together”

  10. I have wondered why Chris Wallace was ever hired to work for Fox. He
    would be a much better fit for CNN or MSNBC. He is Liberal and does not
    have a following on Fox. I can’t watch him with his biased Liberal attitude.
    He is obviously anti-Trump and is trying to spread the Liberal ignorance on
    a Conservative network. Most of the people who watch Fox are smart
    enough to see right through this nimrod. I can’t watch him because I can’t
    stomach his stupidity.

    • I have said for a long time that Wallace was aa Democrat. He is not the reporter/journalist his father was and that is ssaying a lot. Wallaces remarks and questions all everyone can see are crazy. He needs to clean up his act. And he is going to be the narrator for the debates between Trump and whoever. The whoever needs to wear metal covers because Trump will lay them out flat. Yeah for President Trump. ASK BERN IE HOW HE THINKS THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE GOING TO PAY FOR THE FREE DEMOCRAT PROGRAMS IF THEY WIN. THE DEMS HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO PAY FOR ALL THE FREE-BES. THAT IS WHY THE MILLENIALS WANT BERNIE. THEY ARE LAZY AND WANT EVERYTHING FOR FREE. I HOPE THEIR PARENTS ARE PROUD OF THEIR MONSTERS THAT ARE TOO LAZY TO GO OUT AND GET A JOB AND WORK LIKE THE REST OF AMERICA DOES. MY KIDS WORKED FROM THE AGE OF 12 AND GRADUATED COLLEGE. THEY KNEW OUR GOVERNMENT WASNT GOING TO PAY FOR THEIR LIFE HABITS. IT WAS THEIR CHOICE. THEY HAVE DONE WONDERFULLY.

  11. The best thing supporters of the president can do is drop FOX, which is what I have done. The replacement of Roger Ailes is a definite liberal democrat. He would like to replace all of the host that don’t lean to the democrat side of the fence. But some of the most important sponsors would pull the plug if he did that. I think the biggest thorn in his side is Hannity. But Hannity is too powerful and popular for him to mess with and Hannity certainly doesn’t need the job. But FOX is using that pos weasel, Chris Wallace, to try to counter act the support of the host that support the president.



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