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Finally Pelosi gets asked a real question!

Finally, in a surprising move, Fox’s Chris Wallace decided to stop defending Pelosi and ask her important questions.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Wallace asked Pelosi why she pushed for tourism in Chinatown several weeks after the Trump’s travel ban. Pelosi was at a loss of words and quickly resorted to lying to cover her own tail.

You can read the full details of this story here.



  1. This is in response to Whoopi cushion Goldberg . It’s about time that pile of cow munure is being taken off tv. She NO GOOD now & never was before & never will be. Her & joy & sonny are all TOXIC TRASH . Whoopi & joy were never funny . I will say that they are clowns for the circus .

  2. Seriously Nancy Pelosi is the BIGGEST LIAR ON THIS PLANET! What a Hypocrite is is, She wasn’t trying to make a Point about being a good person and how China Town in her District is thriving. She is attempting to Dodge the real reason she said what she did , Is all because she Hates Our President and is trying to SPIN her Nasty F’n Agenda on to the Ignorant people who Believe she has their Best Interest at Heart! PELOSI SHOULD JUST RESIGN ASAP! POS THAT SHE IS!!!!!!!

  3. ‘princess’ seems to have conveniently forgotten that her publicity stunt in China Town (now THAT is racist) was done while her cronies were impeaching DJT.
    As to the economy – she is one of the elites who simply does NOT care for the ‘little people’ since she has got hers already. Remember when she referred to assistance to working women and men as ‘crumbs’. And don’t forget her current obstruction of assistance to millions of small businesses.

    • And Timelines’ were not pushed that would have made Pelosi angry.. so it wasn’t much of an ‘interview’, more like a opportunity for Pelosi to re-write history… and Wallace to get face time, Wallace fears the left greatly.

  4. You are such a HUGH liar. We know the truth Nancy. Quit and retire. You, Schummer and the Democrat party are a clear and present danger to the president of the U.S. The American people, and to this greatest country in the world , The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Nancy you can keep lying and you being a so called religious person may God save your soul. You have lied so many times now and hurt and destroyed innocent people along with your democrat party. How do you people live with yourselves?


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