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Get this moron off the air!

Fox’s Chris Wallace commended the Democrats during the impeachment trial of President Trump for having delivered a “powerful” argument against the president.

According to Breitbart, Wallace stated, “You can say if you think it’s impeachable or not. They have made a powerful case. They have a lot of witnesses. They have a lot of graphics. They have a lot of evidence. I can’t imagine what I have for 16 more hours, and I wonder, to some degree, whether when the White House gets its turn, they are going to be disadvantaged by this because yes, they will have new things to say.”

“We haven’t heard them nearly as much as we have the House Democrats, but this will be on top of the 24 hours we have already gone through with the House Democrats,” he stated. “And I wonder how patient senators are going to be for another 24 hours, although they probably won’t use all of that for the defense of the White House.” You can watch a clip of Wallace’s controversial comments here



  1. Chris Wallace’s show might as well be dead air space on Fox. I know of no one in my circle of friends who watches it. Give Bongino the time slot and boost your ratings in that hour.

  2. He (Chris Wallace). has lost all his credibility, and many people will stop watching him, or listen to his BULLSHIT……….

  3. What is Chris Wallace doing at FOX? He is a Liberal to the core and is as bad a Shepard Smith was maybe even worst. He is more conniving and backhanded, a sneak. At least Smith didn’t pretend to be anything but what he was a Liberal supporter. Time to say goodbye to Wallace.

  4. Thousands of us have been saying for a very long time that Wallace should be a spokesperson for CNN. No one that I know keeps the to on FOX when he is speaking.


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