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Who does he think he is calling conservatives knuckleheads?

Recently on Fox News, host Geraldo Rivera demanded for Trump supporters to stop fighting for President Trump.

According to Breitbart, Rivera stated, “The one thing I wanted to say, coast to coast, snowy or not, is urging again to stop this fighting over the election of November 3, 2020. Joe Biden won. Donald Trump lost. The Electoral College has now decided. It is over.”

Adding, “As far as the presidential race is concerned, it is over. And those people who continue to promote some fantastic legislative or judicial or constitutional, you know, magic wand that’s going to save the Trump presidency, you are wrong. You are misleading the American people. You are tearing at the fabric of the American republic. You have knuckleheads now talking about secession, talking about a union of states that are like-minded. I mean, come on, that’s crazy stuff. We have to move on, move on. We’re one country.”

You can read the full details of this story here.

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  1. Sounds like Jerry Rivers is firmly in the ‘when rape is inevitable just roll over and enjoy’ it camp.
    NOPE – this conservative will not simply cave in to the cheaters. Tell me Jerry, what are YOU willing to fight for?

  2. I still think fox stinks they have knuckle heads giving their opinion. If you Democrats didn’t cheat like you did this would’ve been over

  3. Geraldo Rivera, you don’t demand anything from anyone, really who do you think you are, he for years, have just run off at the mouth, as usual.
    So if there was no election fraud, then tell me why the swamp tries so hard to deny and cover it up like everything else they do. Crimes against humanity, treasonous acts against America, and the American people. Using the fake pandemic in order to preform election fraud. I trust Dr. Pepper more than I trust dr. falsi. Well the truth shall prevail and soon. It has been said many times, how is voter ID required and mail in ballots for those whom request a ballot denying voters from voting, a ID is required for almost everything, to get on a plane, to buy liquor, to buy cigarettes, to cash a check, to require a passport, to get a bank account, and even to get food stamps. SHOW WHERE PEOPLE ARE BEING DENIED THE RIGHT TO VOTE, THE SWAMP COULD CARE LESS ABOUT AMERICA AND ITS PEOPLE THEY ARE PROVING IT NOW. THEY DONT WANT THE NEW ELECTION LAWS AS IT WILL PREVENT MORE SWAMP ELECTION FRAUD.


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