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Get her off the air immediately!

According to Breitbart News, Fox News contributor Donna Brazile attacked President Donald Trump for labeling the coronavirus as the “Chinese virus.”

Brazile said, “We are faced with a global pandemic that is deadly, and so I believe it calls upon our leaders, national leaders, local leaders to work collectively to speak as often as possible with one voice. I think the reason why many Americans, including myself, are very concerned about labeling it as a Chinese virus is because this is not the time to sow discord and division.”

Brazile further stated, “We have to provide the kind of leadership that the American people understand, that we stay at home so we cannot just protect ourselves and our families but our communities, that our public health personnel around the front lines leading the equipment and materials in order to do their jobs and to protect their lives. This is a time where you look for leadership, not division, not dividing.”

“I understand the normal response to going to a poll-driven mania,” she added. “But right now, we want straight answers from our leaders. We want to know how we can protect ourselves and protect our economy as well as our own lives and livelihood.”

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  1. She is going to ruin Fox But then again that’s probably what she’s planning on doing. She was one of the most corrupt members of the DNC and even CNN, the leader of the lying fake news media, even fired her. Brazile. without any conscience at all, gave Hillary Clinton debate questions during the 2016 presidential election prior to the debate and then brushed it off like it didn’t matter. Honesty, ethics, integrity, are definitely so MyEtching she doesn’t possess. She’s just not controversial she is also a traitor to the United States and the American people. She should be in jail. What is Fox thinking?

  2. Fox News …….I’m so disappointed and disgusted in your station at this time if things don’t change soon and you get rid of all these hypocritical liberals a lot of us conservatives(family, friends and acquaintances) will no longer watch your station.

  3. She has NOT suffered any consequences for her despicable actions during the dems primary debates – WHY would she suffer any for dumping on DJT?

  4. Why does FOX let this witless hater even have air time? Is it because they are afraid of be called racist if they don’t hire her or Juan? The other stations don’t let Republicans sit in on their panels; so why does FOX feel compelled to have someone on that clearly upsets all of your main audience?

  5. I have emailed FOX News about her before! WHY do they continue to air her? I’ve always loved to watch THE FIVE but once she began sitting in I’ve stopped! I asked FOX if they couldn’t find someone of integrity to replace her. This woman cheated during the debates! Why would anyone want to listen to her opinions?? I don’t care for Juan because he is a Democrat but I respect him because he has integrity Is it going to get to the place where I am going to have to switch to OneAmericaNews to get some conservative viewpoints? I hope not but I’m willing! I have seen a difference in coverage at FOX lately and I don’t know what’s going on. But something is! Maybe it’s time to hit them where it hurts…..THEIR RATINGS! It may be the only thing that works! In the meantime they need to say goodbye to Donna!

  6. I change the channel or turn off the TV when she is on. Who cares what she has to say. She rigged the 2016 primaries in favor of Hillary. Don’t forget that.

  7. Fuk You Brazielle. It is THE CHINESE VIRUS. You know, your COMMUNIST COMMRADS unleashed on us deliberately. If HUSSEIN OBAMA was still in office, he’d be playing golf in Hawaii right now. FOX NEWS ia going to lose it’s audience, but they don’t care. They have also become the COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK except for a few. I personally hope that all Democrats suck on a corona virus doorknob and go to hades where they came from. This country would be a eutopia without Democrats.


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