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You won’t believe what he said…

Recently on Fox, host Chris Wallace outrageously claimed that President Trump’s message lacked important details whole Joe Biden’s message was a “powerful” one.

According to Breitbart, Wallace stated, “You look at the polls people not happy with the way this president has handled the COVID, the coronavirus. Joe Biden laying out a specific set of plans there, not just talking as the president did last night, about waiting for the vaccine. I thought it was smart also to tie it to healthcare and the fact that the president is in the Supreme Court the week after the election going to try to kill the Affordable Care Act. When Biden says if talking about trying to kill the ACA in the middle of a pandemic, that’s a pretty powerful message. Then just the generally the argument about unity that these are not red states, blue states, it’s the United States. We’re all in it together. It’s a good message for him. I suspect it’s the message you’ll be hearing a lot in these last 11 days of the campaign.”

He then said, “The one thing that I thought was lacking last night is that he didn’t talk much about what his agenda would be for a second term. Generally speaking, particularly with the president seeking re-election, voters want to know. Okay. You’ve done this over the first four years. What are you going to do the next four years? We didn’t hear a lot of that from the president. I know there are a lot of top Republican strategists who think that the president needs to do more of that in the last week of this campaign.”

You can read the full details of this story here.

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  1. Chris Wallace is just like his lying father. No truth in anything they have said. Mike was a disgrace to journalism and so is chris. Their egos are just sickening.

  2. Wallace has always been a LIBERAL. His actions during the first debate proved he was a full fledge member of the MORON MEDIA AKA A RECTUM SUCKING PUPPET OF THE DEMOCRAPS.


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