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Here’s the evidence internet users have gathered…

Many internet sleuths were busy during the recent presidential debate and claimed that Biden was wired.

Many people have speculated that Biden is declining mentally and with his team disagreeing a drug test and being checked for mechanical devices before the debate, people are more than suspicious about Biden’s mental acuity.

What makes it even worse is that some people were keeping a sharp eye on Biden and have potentially found a wire on him during the debate.

Leave it to the Democrats to try and cheat the debate to help their candidate.

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  1. It certainly looked like Joe was listening to some unknown source sometimes when the president was speaking he put his hands up close to his face and appeared to close his eyes as if he was listening intently to something he could barely hear. SO NEXT DEBATE, DO REQUIRE DRUG TESTS AND CLOSE INSPECTION FOR HIDDEN LISTENING DEVICES. Now I do agree with moderator having mike cuttoffs as one candiddate was asking or answering a question. Joe is just a little younger than I am so he shouldnt get any slack cut for mental acquity after all we ar electing a leader who should be mentally stable !


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