One clue that your website is likely to put out fake news is if you can’t tell the difference between satire and “misinformation.” Or, at the very least, it means that you have no sense of humor and, therefore, can’t tell when someone is joking.

Of course, if you’ve seen leftist, “woke” comedians (using that term loosely), you’ll find that those people simply aren’t funny. Not because they tend to target people on the political right with their sorry excuses for jokes (people on the right can laugh at themselves when it’s a good joke). No, it’s because those people aren’t funny, and they can’t tell when something is funny.

So, the New York Times accused The Babylon Bee of being a misinformation site. And let’s be frank here, if you think anything on The Babylon Bee‘s site is anything but satire (and very funny satire, at that), then you can’t tell what is real and what isn’t.

That, right there, should clue you in that the reporters at the New York Times are leftists. They can’t tell truth from satire or opinion. They only know that they believe their feelings. Zachary Stieber gives us the details of this retraction:

The New York Times recently updated a piece on Facebook’s moderation of satire, removing a claim that Babylon Bee “trafficked in misinformation.”

The New York Times, in the middle of a court battle over allegedly defamatory articles, which, according to a judge, said reporters failed to note that they inserted opinions, made the update and issued a correction after receiving a demand for a retraction over claims about the Babylon Bee, a satire website.

Mike Isaac, whose byline is on the piece in question, “authored a defamatory article” by claiming the Babylon Bee “sometimes trafficked in misinformation under the guise of satire,” lawyers for the Bee told the NY Times in a letter […] earlier this month.

The misinformation claim was hyperlinked to an October 2020 piece that “contains no mention of ‘misinformation’ whatsoever,” lawyers added.

The paper updated the article from Isaac, which was published in March, on June 10.

This makes me laugh. One of the oldest and most “prestigious” newspapers in America is forced to issue a retraction which, in effect, admits that they can’t tell what is true and what isn’t.

Why anybody actually pay attention to the New York Times, at this point, is beyond me.



    One only has to watch what those multi-billionaires do!
    Those little TYRANTS are shedding their diapers quickly under the reign of terror the left has instituted!
    It reminds me of the times of Marat and Robespierre. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Franco, Mussolini, Kim, and so many others…
    Those little tyrants have no physical wingspan, only lots of money which gives them the power to do as they wish. See soros!
    Because the likes of pelosi, schumer, et al LOVE CORRUPTION! Free money in their back pocket!


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