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Did she really think this would work?

Three presidential hopefuls – Joe Biden (D), John Delaney (D), and Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO) – slammed Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) Medicare for All plan.

Warren unveiled her highly anticipated plan for Medicare for All, providing details on how she would pay for the $52 trillion proposal, which would require roughly $20.5 trillion in new spending over the next decade.

However, some of her 2020 rivals are already taking issue with her lofty proposal.

Bennet released a statement asserting that her plan is “simply not believable.”

“Voters are sick and tired of politicians promising them things that they know they can’t deliver,” he said in a statement. “Warren’s new numbers are simply not believable and have been contradicted by experts.”

“Regardless of whether it’s $21 trillion or $31 trillion, this isn’t going to happen, and the American people need health care,” he added.

John Delaney (D), who has remained a consistent critic of Warren’s lofty proposals and “fairy tale economics,” also took aim at Warren’s proposal.

“I was the first person to point out the flaws of Medicare4all and I’m the only one with a real universal healthcare plan that works. @ewarren numbers don’t add up and the ‘public options’ Dems don’t go far enough,” Delaney wrote. “BetterCare is the only sensible universal healthcare plan.”

“A ‘public option’ is a government run insurance company that does not go nearly far enough in addressing the inequality in our healthcare system,” he continued.

“We need universal healthcare; most developed nations have universal healthcare,” he added. “But Medicare4all is a bad plan, BetterCare works”:



  1. She knows her plan will not work. She knows that middle income Americans would have to pay for it. She knows it would make healthcare less available, less affordable, and less responsive to you.

  2. Right out of the communist manifesto it says to take America down you must overwhelmed their system with debt,And the Democrats of been involved in this since the first time in a set in the White House call Franklin Roosevelt with the so-called Social Security act that many of the communist Democrats say the people who paid into it don’t deserve that money. They hide behind humanism like the reptiles that they are, always hiding behind humanism to destroy this country in everything they do and every breath I take.


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