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This was probably a really hard blow to her…

The frontrunner status for Sen. Elizabeth Warren does not seem to have lasted longer than the time it takes for water to boil.

Today’s big news is a far-left CNN poll, with former vice president Joe Biden rising to a 34 to 19 percent advantage over Warren, with Sen. Bernie Sanders holding on — heart attack and all — to 16 percent support for third place.

Sure, this is just one poll, and it’s CNN, but if Biden is currently 34 percent nationwide, that’s where a frontrunner has to be. Thirty-five percent of people in a packed race is considered the safe zone.

While I don’t have a great deal of confidence in CNN’s polls, it’s always useful to compare the patterns in a particular poll, and those look particularly poor for America’s favorite fake Native Indian. In this same poll, Warren’s favorability figure has climbed from 36 to 38 percent in just two points since June, but her unfavorable rating has rose from 38 to 41 percent.

Perhaps notably, she’s upside down on favorability, 38 to 41 percent, and she’s the only top Democrat candidate with that problem.

By comparison, Sanders has a favorability rating of 48 to 45 percent. Mayor Pete Buttigieg is up from 28 to 23 percent on the right side. Joe Biden enjoys an amazing 74 to 20 percent advantage.

Biden maintains a large lead among Democrats on the top four topics of the day. On foreign policy, 56 percent say Biden will do the best job, compared to 13 percent for Sanders and just 11 percent for Warren. On the economy, it’s Biden 38 percent, Sanders 19 percent, and Warren 16 percent. On guns , it’s Biden 27 percent, Sanders 13 percent, and Warren 11 percent. On immigration, it’s Biden 29 percent, with Warren and Sanders tied at 16 percent.

Warren is falling everywhere else in bad coverage. Two weeks ago, Warren was close with Biden nationwide in the Real Clear Politics poll of polls, and even led in a number of polls.

Nevertheless, Biden has a strong lead in the seven most recent polls; in six of those polls he leads from 8 to 15 points.

Yet Warren’s real problem is that she is wilting under pressure. So soon as the role of the “frontrunner” jumped her way into the mainstream, everything that made Elizabeth Warren a horrible candidate was again magnified by ten.

On top of her extremist policies, she’s a weak, shrill, dishonest neurotic. There was nothing to instill confidence among those looking for someone brave enough to take on Trump during this last debate, particularly as she dissembled again and again when asked a simple question about how she plans to pay for her Medicare For All program without raising middle-class taxes.

The main thing people are looking for is strength and integrity in a leader. Are they strong, unable to be rattled? Are you the alpha male (or female)? But whenever she’s under pressure Warren unravels like Lucy Ricardo when Ricky catches her sneaking into his nightclub.

In short, Elizabeth Warren is a mess. This was obvious — hell, everything was obvious about Warren’s inability to handle pressure after she bungled the release of her DNA results last year. As I said at the time, that was the single worst political debacle since John McCain suspended his 2008 presidential campaign to run off and save the economy. She made a fool of herself, and that is almost impossible to overcome.

For that reason, I was legitimately surprised when she became the frontrunner earlier this month, but I was not at all surprised when she immediately fell apart as soon as the scrutiny arrived.



  1. It does not matter, Trump will win in a landslide. The demoncraps have no one that comes close including all hiding in the wings.


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