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One Democratic congressman and his wife are jumping from the frying pan to the fire as they refuse to offer transparency into their business dealings. 

Democrat Elijah Cummings and his wife Maya Rockeymoore continue to deny that they took advantage of Cummings position on the House Oversight Committee. 

However, despite that claim they continue to refuse to release the financial documents associated with Rockeymoore’s non-profit, even though denying such a request as an entity that receives special tax benefits is illegal. 

Cummings and his wife’s questionable history came to light when The National Legal and Policy Center filed an IRS complaint against the non-profit claiming there was illegal overlap of Rockeymoore’s non-profit charity and her for-profit consulting firm. 

The firm was granted a million dollar federal contract but the it was the non-profit that was billed “as the national program office.”

There are many who point out that his could constitute “self-dealing” a practice that is punishable by law. 

However instead of offering up the records and simply proving their innocence, Cummings and Rockeymoore have opted to plead with the media that they are the targets of a “hit piece” according to an interview with Maryland Matters. 

“It appears a conservative front group and a news outlet funded by a Republican billionaire are pushing a hit piece filled with faulty research, lies and innuendo in an attempt to tarnish my personal reputation, professional work and public service as well as that of my spouse, U.S. Congressman Elijah E. Cummings — who holds a critical oversight role in our nation’s government,” Rockeymoore stated. 

Cummings took a similar approach telling the Washington Post that The National Legal and Policy Center’s claim was “a fabricated distraction from the important work being done on behalf of Americans, such as lowering the skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs.”

A curious way to put things since its Cummings and his wife that are trying to draw attention away from the actual issue. 



  1. If nothing else the “Trump Investigation” is showing just how crocked the democrats are and especially the democratic socialists and communists.
    I have said many times the democrats are accusing the Republicans, and especially Trump, of the crimes they are committing.
    Yet the brain dead democrat voters still elect them and wonder why their life sucks.



    • The democrat party has been engaging in the most disgusting perfidy since the repellent organization was founded. The corrupt , treacherous, treasonous pack of rats is obsessed by ends that justify means which go to any depth, know no bounds and will do anything whatsoever to obtain the final goal of absolute hegemony.

    • Democrats are reversing everything about themselves, which has nothing to do with Trump…They are the real criminals…They’re doing all of those lies, to save the Democrat Party…They’e nothing, but a bunch of airheads..

  2. Awe the Republican can’t stand it when a Democrat allegedly profits because of his office but stand strong with a President that does the same ???????

    • Don’t understand your answer! Are you saying Trump is getting rich from his office, which makes it ok for Cummings to do the same??? if so Trump doesn’t even take his salary, Cummings , however does but doesn’t report it! Hmmmm

  3. All congressmen and women should be forced to show their business dealings just like the President of the United States. In my opinion all politicians are crooked, both sides of the isle.

  4. I am sure he is one of those saying Trump is hiding things? I would agree that many in our Congress are corrupt, but not all.

  5. Elijah Cummings is a racist POS and doesn’t care about the people of the USA nor his constituents in Maryland.

  6. All you have to do is go to YOUTUBE search NANCY PELOSI’S SMEAR TACTICS You can watch the Video of Nancy telling everyone in the Room Exactly what she does to someone that they are trying to Distract them from Doing their Job or Smear them with Lies and False Statement! It’s an Eye Opener! Check it Out I think You’ll Find it very Interesting.

  7. So Cummings says that conservatives are = pushing a hit piece filled with faulty research, lies, and innuendo in an attempt to tarnish my personal reputation, professional work and public service as well as that of my spouse… Hum, sounds a lot like the Trump/Russia BS he and his cronies have been pushing and his demands for Tump and his family’s tax returns and business info.
    What goes around comes around I guess. Trump withstood a $35+ million dollar investigation and gave over a million document and hundreds of interviews and no crime was found. Maybe Congressmen Cummings should have the same transparency and faith in his own innocence to allow allllll of us to see what he claims so strongly he has the right to see with Trump!
    Let’s see your Tax records for the last ten years and that of your family as well.

  8. What is good for the goose is good for the gander! We need to see all the tax returns for anyone that works in the government when asked! Not just the President.

  9. I believe as I have said on several other conservative sites the dem’s are receiving what they are getting including the contempt of most of the Americans who have caught onto what their lies, thier crimes against the American people they are sworn to work for,instead of tryng to bring down the best President since Ronald Reagan.They have resorted to criminal acts such as spying,getting unlawful FISA warants to investigate Trump and his admin. Consorting with known criminals for money. Selling uranium to Russia. GOD was watching and now they are like lost, weak little sheep.

  10. Does anyone want to bet no federal communist judge comes out in force is coming is to release his tax documents, or Maxine Waters, or a host of others in the communist a.k.a. Democrat party?

    • Rewrite : Does anyone want to bet that no federal judge that has been put in by Obama or is the communist a.k.a. Democrat judge will force Cummings or waters or any of the other prostitutes in the Democrat party to release their tax documents, anyone want to bet?

  11. Cummings is Unethical , I know about his Scholarship program at the Naval Academy.. My Friends Son got A One year Scholarship into an the Academy.. My friend was told if he donated 5 Grand to Cummings he would get the other 3years… Mr.Cumming What goes around comes around …Ur Time is Up.. In 10years You have a Million Dollar House 2 1/2 A million Dollar rental property .. When You had nothing paying child Support,,3 Baby Momma’s … You sure have been living an interesting Life for someone who is Head of the Ethics Committee .. The Republicans have Double Standards the Democrats No Standards…

  12. Another example of the democrats being hypocrites , yet they want to see the Presidents taxes & financial records .

  13. In denying to try to prove his innocence, Cummings comes up with accusations which plainly shows his guilt. The Democrats always accuse others of what themselves are doing. Barr needs to investigate ALL THE LYING DEMOCRATS.

  14. WE Patriots know just how the corrupt politicians work. We certainly are not taken in by the Democrats tactics at this time. It is true that there are Many politicians who are corrupt, some specifically went into politics knowing that it is easy to get rich if you lower your standards, some went in with good intentions, but because they saw just how the “system” works and they were not able to get any bills etc going because they had not joined the good ole boys and girls club of the pay to pay group, out of frustration many an otherwise good person has allowed themselves to get sucked into the vortex thinking they could maybe do it just ONE time, but when the overwhelming temptations of riches upon riches was looking them straight in the eyes and they saw so many OTHERS getting away with it all , they caved. THAT is precisely why we need a convention of states as that is the ONLY way we the people are going to have any chance in HECK to impose term limits on congress. The longer they get to stay in office, the more “dug” in and “connected” they get, the more schemes are offered them, and the more special interest groups and activists groups dangle easy money in front of their noses, the more likely they are to go bad. Remember it isn’t money or having money from hard and legal means that is dangerous, it is the LOVE OF MONEY and not caring how one gets it, no matter how illegal or through totally immoral actions, that is the DOWNFALL of many a man and woman. Six to eight years tops for Congress members, no special health insurance, no special retirement package, just pays a set amount for each year one served, work must be five days per week, minimum eight hours, 2 weeks paid vacation after one year of working and a probationary period of six months, all tax returns, all proof of citizenship and submit to intensive background check. THOSE THINGS would go a long way to clearing out the opportunists and crooks from our elected offices. Please go to and educate yourself, and volunteer to do whatever you can to help this movement be successful. They post how many and what states are already on board, how many are in progress with legislation and all that good stuff. THe late Anthony Scalia SCOTUS judge said that the Convention of States article was a very important GIFT to the future people of this nation by our founding fathers , because they KNEW at some point in the future, the government would be a runaway train and the people would need to take them down a peg or two .

  15. “It appears a conservative front group and a news outlet funded by a Republican billionaire are pushing a hit piece filled with faulty research, lies and innuendo in an attempt to tarnish my personal reputation, professional work and public service as well as that of my spouse, U.S. Congressman Elijah E. Cummings”


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