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Here’s what he said…

The police chief for Detroit, James Craig, recently spoke out against the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act stating that the act will “decimate” and “dismantle” policing as we know it.

Craig was asked, “What changes do you expect to be made?” He responded saying, “Well, let me just say this. My experience is vast; I served in the LAPD when we were under federal oversight; I served as the chief in both Portland, Maine, and Cincinnati, and Cincinnati had been under federal oversight. And then when I got rehired here as the chief in Detroit, we were in roughly a 12 to 13-year consent judgment.”

“So, two things: I think for the new chief coming in, and if DOJ finds there is a pattern and practice of excessive force, those issues can certainly be addressed under federal oversight. However: a word of caution: how it’s managed is key. When I look at Oakland, California, which has right now the longest-running federal oversight consent judgment— absolute failure. They’ve had chief after chief come in and out; they have a monitor there who, ironically, was the same monitor in Detroit when I arrived there. I told that monitor, I said, ‘It will be my goal to put you out of business here in the city of Detroit.’  He is still in Oakland; they have not succeeded, and so that’s a problem. So, how the federal oversight is managed is key.”

Read the full story here.

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