DESANTIS Dunks On DISNEY And Take A Guess Why

Passionate Republican voters, rejoice! Governor Ron DeSantis has just delivered a massive blow to Disney, stripping the company of its special tax privileges in Florida’s Reedy Creek district.

And it’s all because Disney decided to enter the political ring and challenge DeSantis on his “Parental Rights in Education” bill.

As Fox News has previously reported, Disney stepped in to help Democrats and activists in calling the bill the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, despite the fact that it never mentioned the word “gay” and only aimed to protect children from sexually oriented concepts in schools.

DeSantis warned Disney not to get involved, but the company ignored his advice and vowed to fight under the guise of protecting LGBT children.

But DeSantis didn’t back down. He made the tough decision to strip Disney of its governance of the Reedy Creek area, effectively putting an end to the company’s decades-long control of the 25,000-acre area.

And on Monday, DeSantis signed the bill into law, officially stripping Disney of its special privileges and appointing a state board to oversee the district. He also made sure that Disney’s estimated $700 million in debt won’t be passed on to taxpayers once the district is dissolved.

It’s a huge victory for DeSantis and for anyone who believes in protecting parental rights and preventing woke corporations from meddling in politics.

As DeSantis said, “Disney came out against something that was really just about protecting young kids and making sure that students are able to go to school learning to read, write, add, subtract and not having a teacher tell them that they can change their gender.”

This episode serves as a lesson for all woke corporations that think they can use their power to push their political agendas. DeSantis has shown that he won’t back down, and he won’t let corporations like Disney run roughshod over the rights of parents and students.

As passionate Republican voters, we need to stand with DeSantis and support him in his fight against the extremist left. As he said, “The old-guard corporate Republicanism is not up to the task at hand.”

We need leaders like DeSantis who are willing to stand up to woke corporations and fight for the values we hold dear.

So let’s celebrate this victory and use it as a rallying cry for the future. Let’s stand up to the woke corporations and the extremist left, and let’s fight for what’s right. Governor DeSantis has shown us the way, and we need to follow his lead.