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Is the left even an American party anymore?

President Donald Trump announced a massive Fourth of July celebration to take place this year on Sunday.

You would think that the announcement is something that every American could get behind and support.

But this is President Trump and even him sneezing is something that would trigger liberals and Never Trump Republicans.

“HOLD THE DATE! We will be having one of the biggest gatherings in the history of Washington, D.C., on July 4th,” he said.

“It will be called “A Salute To America” and will be held at the Lincoln Memorial. Major fireworks display, entertainment and an address by your favorite President, me!”

You would have to be a twit of epic proportions to not comprehend that he is talking about a new celebration that has not been done before.

And knowing President Trump and his penchant for showmanship it is a fair assumption that it will be grand.

But that is not how his detractors see it. They think that he believes he invented Independence Day.

Chief among them is Never Trump Republican Bill Kristol who makes tons of cash these days by bashing Republicans and in particular President Trump.




  1. Good for vfb the president and I hope the 4th of July celebration is fabulous. In fact I hope a whole bunch of liberals have coronaries watching it.


    • We can always hope! This time it will be necessary to combat massive vote fraud not seen before. The ballots will be printed, marked and counted in the tradition of Josef Stalin (“Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”)
      Look out for that! Also beware of the RINOs who are betraying us to the Democrats!

  2. The Democruds, as well as the “Never Trump” Republicans, are nothing more than TRAITORS!
    Every single one that is in office, should be arrested for treason!
    In addition to being locked up, they should be forced to give up any future pensions and benefits!
    Ya wanna be a traitor? Do it on yer own dime!

  3. I think it’s a great idea. William Kristol is neo-conservative and that’s why he bashing Trump. The neo-conservatives are the radical wing of the GOP just like the hard-left progressives are the radical wing of the Democratic Party.

  4. Nothing wrong with celebrating Independence Day with a large celebration on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. I’m sure it will be a big success!
    Security will be tough to accomplish and the Secret Service may not be quite easy in their minds about that, but what a great show that would be. The left is still furious about the 2016 election. But when they demonized the working class, they lost.

  5. More and more each day I wonder how Americans Can Be as split as out political parties are. It doesn’t matter what 1 party says the other will disagree even if their party voted for it a few years earlier. Liberals are the most idiotic people I’ve ever had the unpleasantness to hear. Hearing liberals talk about anything seems to lower my IQ points significantly. Whether Bitching about a 4th of July Party Or hearing the dumb reasons we shouldn’t build a wall. Omg B. Clinton And B. Obama were pushing for some kind of barrier to be put up but Trump wanting it is wrong too them. Trying to figure out why it’s different when Trump says it. Before any of you Dumbasses,,yes you know who you are, dumbass liberals, open your mouth to argue against building the wall, just know doing so is making you Anti American. I’m willing to bet those of you who don’t want anything put up, well I’m willing to bet you have no family living in Texas on the Mexican border. Those true blooded Americans are in a dangerous situation. Building Any barrier on the border will deter illegals, anything will help. No one said the wall would stop all illegal entry out drugs but it will help. After that we figure out the next step. In closing it is in my humble opinion that liberals caught doing anything against the president either verbal or any other way that These Anti Americans should be escorted out of this country with all of the illegal immigrants that are being deported. God Bless America

  6. Demo-crap hate everything America stands for and everything we Veteran fought and died for well as the brave men and women who are serving to day.
    Demo-crap manure has made it clear that they will not stand with America, but against her, they will back illegals not law abiding citizens, they will back Terrorists (with two sitting in congress aka muslims).
    They back laws to stop American protecting them and their families, while arming terrorist, murderers, and drug lords.
    Every single one the has violated their oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; are TRAITORS?TERRORIST sitting in congress and pass time to clean out the house and senate of these United States of America.

  7. Sonny, I th ink most of them have had corinarys in their head, and it turned into a stroke, I think and love the way our great President can shake them out of their shorts.e that guy, I think he’s the best of the best I love him the way he handles Rallies and then way they turn out they must love him also. thank you for standing with him we have to get him back in there in 2020. Anxious to see the headquarter like quarters like the 2016, it looked like a funeral, crying and long faces, they thought they had it all tied up, Ha Ha.

  8. We are loosing our country and our religious freedom to a bunch of communst hinking people. If this keeps up there will be a revoliution in this country to clean up this mess.

  9. Fantastic! We need to really celebrate the 4th of July and let it be known that America is the greatest nation on earth because we are free and independent, even if the Democratic Party tried to deny it.

  10. He lies. Don’t be surprised if he calls the big show off just before the 4th and claims it is the fault of the Democrats that he wasn’t able to present a show unlike any ever presented before. He’s a full blown racist. Look for edicts to pull Black, Asian, Muslim, Female Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, even Marines out of their units so that only white men march: “real amurukuns”. He takes money already appropriated for health, education, or infrastructure to pay for a parade he hopes will glorify him. Can there even be enough security to prevent the White Nazis and other hate groups from wreaking havoc on the event. Oh, my sister’s and brothers this man is not worthy of your admiration; he is under the devil’s thrall, and he has put the voodoo on you.



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