Dems Defend Biden on Hawaii Fire Silence: ‘He’s a Nice Person,’ But You Won’t Believe What Else They Said

The horrifying fire in Hawaii is a tragic event that has captured the nation’s attention. But President Biden’s lack of response, defended by Democratic strategists who insist that “”words don’t matter,”” is a shocking stance that has driven conservatives wild.

How can words not matter when people’s homes and livelihoods are being destroyed? How can words not matter when a nation looks to its leader for empathy and guidance?

The President’s no-comment approach to the Hawaii fire is emblematic of a broader problem within the Democratic party. A lack of empathy, a lack of urgency, and a detachment from the very real problems facing everyday Americans.

Conservatives across the nation are outraged by this lack of leadership. It’s not just about words; it’s about action, empathy, and a willingness to engage with the challenges facing our nation.

To say that words don’t matter is to say that leadership doesn’t matter. It’s a statement that reveals a troubling mindset in the current administration, one that should concern all Americans who value strong, empathetic leadership in times of crisis.

Source Fox News