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This has only made things worse.

In a recent interview with Fox’s Neil Cavuto, Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) warned Democrats that their plan to allow rioting and violence in their cities to make President Trump look like a poor leader has completely backfired on them.

According to Breitbart, Buck stated, “I think they are supporting anarchy because they want to show that — or they hope to show that the president cannot govern. And I think they’re absolutely ending up with the exact opposite. It is the big city mayors that are unable to govern.

“The president has acted in a responsible and measured way to deal with this violence, but the folks that are funding this, I think, are going to wake up on November 4, and sadly, realize — sadly for them — realize that these efforts have backfired,” Buck stated. “Americans are sick and tired of this violence.

“I absolutely believe they have a political agenda that’s hurting the president,” Buck stated. “I have just finished traveling the state of Colorado to help various Republican candidates. And I can tell you, it is absolutely backfiring. Gun sales are up. And the sales for new gun buyers, first-time gun buyers are up significantly. The folks are concerned about sending their kids to school. They’re concerned about people traveling into the cities for work. I think there is a very serious risk of backlash here.”

You can watch a clip of Buck’s comments here.

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  1. Democrat party is the stupid ones. They have done nothing to help the American people. House democrats gave themselves a raise. But would not pass a bill to help small businesses. They are useless to America. All should be arrested for treason and going against their path of office. Traitors.

  2. Haha, ya think? I saw this coming a mile away. The Dimwits will try to manipulate everything for political advantage. They fail more often then succeed. As horrific as this latest stunt has been, I have to laugh at them for their failure.

  3. The DEMOCRATS are supporting these riots, and blaming Trump to push their radical agenda. They are using Biden as a “stooge” to get votes then cast him aside.These people are evil and dangerous.


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