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Not just the holocaust 25 Holocausts…

Recently on MSNBC, policy director for left-wing New Consensus Rhiana Gunn-Wright argued the threat of climate change was worthy of more attention than it was getting.

Gunn-Wright, described as one of the “architects” of the Green New Deal, argued climate change was a relevant issue because it is tied to public health. She invoked the Holocaust to make that point.

“So in the issues that you just brought up, climate change is one of the main drivers of our public health. So the difference between, say, 1.5 degrees of warming, which is the least that folks think that we can get, to 2 [degrees], you are talking about 150 million deaths,” Gunn-Wright said. “That’s 25 holocausts, right? So how is that not a health issue? How is that not about health care?”



  1. So, either we die from ‘climate change’, or the Green New Deal passes and we face mass starvation from the lack of a power source to farm, process and distribute food. Think I’d rather take my chances with the climate.

  2. How can warmer weather , which will produce more food for the world, cause more deaths? These people are insane.

  3. She is another Idiot, went to school read the book but didn’t learn a thing. If she wants to lead in the green movement than give up her salary walk to work, don’t use a car, turn off the A/C at home and what ever else she thinks the rest of us should do lead by example.


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