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Her incompetence has led up to this…

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer could seen face the same scrutiny as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for her coronavirus-related executive orders in regards to nursing homes.

A lawsuit was recently issued to the state of Michigan by Steve Delie and Charlie LeDuff. The two wrote, “It shouldn’t take a lawsuit to obtain this critical data. Gov. Whitmer made the same policy choice as Gov. Cuomo, forcing contagious senior citizens into close proximity with other medically vulnerable people. In fact, her policy, a similar version of which is still in effect today, went even farther, forcing some non-senior patients into nursing homes, including a 20-year-old. Michigan citizens deserve to know why she did this, and whether our governor is telling the truth about the consequences.”

Now that coronavirus restrictions are dying down, people are starting to find out that their state government is incompetent during times of crisis.

Read the full story here.

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