Democrat politicians have taken a strict hardline stance on CoVid-19 lockdowns and on how to help financially struggling Americans to survive those lockdowns and feed their families. As you know, their solution has been to force working Americans to pay for the unemployed.

We can have the discussion about whether governments should provide unemployment benefits (and we should have that discussion), but they are here and look likely to stay. And the CoVid-19 unemployment benefits are lingering longer, especially in Democratic stronghold states.

But the Democrat governor of one state has broken away from that link of thinking, at least on the unemployment issue. Zachary Stieber gives us the details:

The state of Connecticut will give $1,000 to people who have been without a job for at least two months and secure employment.

“I want work to pay. I want people to have a real incentive when they go back to work,” Gov. Ned Lamont, a Democrat, told a press conference this week.

“You see the big athletes get a signing bonus. Why don’t you get a signing bonus as well?” he added.

Approximately 65,000 job openings exist currently in the state, which had an unemployment rate of 8.3 percent in March, the latest numbers officials have released.

The job openings and a decline in the percentage of the working-age population that are looking for jobs prompted the program, which will cost an estimated $10 million.

Applicants must have been without a job for at least eight weeks and must keep their new job for at least two months to get the bonus.

The program starts on May 24 and will give money to 10,000 people.

Applicants can sign up on the state Department of Labor website once they find a job.

Now, on a side note, notice that Lamont said that he wants to pay with our money. That should give you a clue as to how Democrats think about what belongs to everyday Americans. They think that their stuff is theirs and our stuff is theirs, too.

But back to the original point of this article: Lamont is actually trying to get people to go back to work instead of trying to keep them unemployed and idle, permanent Democrat voters who know which party is more likely to give them money for being lazy when they aren’t willing to work (this isn’t about people who want to work and can’t find employment).

While I disagree with Lamont’s assumption that our money is his to throw around, I do applaud that he is actually trying to get people back to work. That’s, at least, an admiral objective to have.



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